How can i get into sleeping with prostitutes?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by The Demonslayer, May 16, 2020.

  1. The Demonslayer

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    I'm a 20 years old virgin forever guy who's fed up and decided to start seeing escorts to relieve the misery. I have been on Nofap for over a month now and it has made me more empty, horny and bitter. I will just never have a relationship with a woman ever no matter what, even if i become the most attractive guy ever, women will probably be attracted to my looks due to instinct, but they'd still be repulsed by me personally. My personality just don't click with any woman out there. It's also not just the women, but i'm too mentally fucked up to have a relationship because of what i have been through and i also have zero self esteem and no confidence so i will never approach women because i know i will get rejected or cheated on eventually since most men are better than me. Women have always treated me like shit even if they don't see my face or even if they tell me that i'm handsome, but they still proceed to treat me like i'm a twisted demon, so i'm fed up with that.

    It's beyond hopeless for me, i don't want to dream about sex forever as a virgin, and the only way for me to have sex is through escorts and i plan to start after this pandemic ends and preferably on my 21th birthday for it to be special. But i'm completely ignorant about everything related to prostitutes, so can anyone enlighten me please?
  2. False promise

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    What do you hope to get out of having sex with a prostitute aside from no longer being labelled a virgin? You’re 20 years old man... relax. Life is about more than sex. Work on accomplishing something relevant. You’re gonna catch some gnarly diseases doing that shit.
  3. The Demonslayer

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    Bro my life is crumpling because of this shit, i can't live my life. I used to numb my emotions and lust by PMOing but i can't do it anymore. Most other people are fucking and banging except me, i feel excluded, humiliated and shamed. Women are not Gods to have me live in such pain and misery, they don't deserve this much attention and importance, but this stupid desire won't just leave me alone. i really want to have sex and nothing will distract me from this desire.
  4. brilliantidiot

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  5. The Demonslayer

    The Demonslayer Fapstronaut

    I know it's a shitty, disgusting and pathetic idea but what other option do i have? Either being a sexually frustrated creep forever or being a cuck? No thanks, i would rather die or just fuck prostitutes.
  6. Candun

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    Consider this.You describe yourself as "Mentally fucked" with no confidence or self esteem. Let's say you have sex with a prostitute. You are still "Mentally fucked" , you still have no confidence or self esteem, but hey, at least you got rid of the "virgin" label.

    Your brain is plastic. You still have plenty of time to change and improve on the areas of yourself you perceive as lacking. That is what will eventually lead you to not only to a happier life, but to a healthy sex life.
  7. False promise

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    If you ever want to have sex with a real woman (not a wh*re) then you best get rid of that attitude. Desperation is repulsive to women.

    I dare you to abstain from pmo, work on mastering a skill, and take care of your health for a year straight. Forget about women for a second. Focus on only those 3 things for a whole year and if you are still plagued by this incessant need to have sex by any means necessary, then you go and do it.
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    seeing 20 years old virgin complain about her virgin and girlfriend. and decide to go to prostitute like it will solved all their problem

    really man ? is your world circle around your dick or what ?

    how about STD and supporting the crime towards woman because of prostitute ? is that made ur self confidence bigger ?,
    do you think all the prostitute do their job wilingly ? no man see behind her there's a devil man who control her.. and u support HIM to do it to another woman by creating demand on prostitution. shame on you !!!!

    im 28 virgin and no gf yet. im alive !!! and no !!! i dont want to be virgin forever !!! im planed to get married soon even tho i dont have any gf. that its called optimism and well planed bro . not the shortcut and decide to go to prostitution

    its doesnt matter if u attract 1000 woman or just attract the right one. still the matter is the right one. she will be perfect for you and you will be perfect for her. and she the one you will be lived with not the 1000 woman . jeez man. if u watch some romantic drama burn it all man. its not good
  9. kkn93hc7

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    20 years old and want to sleep with prostitute? Dude, in 10 years when you are 30 you will be more mature, look after yourself now and set the foundations. Chicks will come running after you.

    Rather than some sleazy prostitute who was probably sexually abused whilst growing up and now is bitter toward men. No prostitute will ever love or care for you. They got far too many issues of their own
  10. ShyIIock

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    Ok, I was in the same spot as you when I was 21... Now im close to 24 and havent done this even tough im still virgin and without gf or any fulfilling relationship.

    I will list you why I decided to not to do this
    1) it wont emotionaly fulfill you in any way, just give you pleasure that you cant find anywhere else. So, to feel this pleasure again you have to go to visit prostitute again... and again and again - its this worth all the money?

    2) if you think, "i will pay just one time for sex, just to loose virginity and experience how does it fell" - if its going to feel amazing, you will be even more pissed, that you dont have it.

    3) maybe you will technicaly loose your virginity, but mentally you will still be a virgin. Imagine yourselve in 5 years how you think about "how you lost your virginity" - If you buy a prostitute, it will be rooted in you head forever, that you had to pay for 1st sex.

    4) maybe you lost hope, but that doesnt mean you will never find a love. Imagine this crazy scenario when you actually find a girl, that will love you and you will have this smalltalk about how you lost virginity - are you going to say the truth - that you paid for it? - how is this going to affect the relationship?

    I will never go to prostitute, because its a fake substitution that harms you at the end. Its just like PMO but IRL.
  11. matt2k12

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    sure, go to a prostitute.

    it definitely will help you.

    after your visit, you will feel more miserable than ever before in your life.

    you will feel dirty, you will feel unhappy, desparate, anxious.

    you will feel as if you have destroyed something beautiful.

    the thought will occupy your mind. how could i? you will ask yourself.

    you will feel disgusted at the memory. disgusted at yourself and the prostitute.

    but time heals all wounds, and few months down the road you will have learned from this experience, and then you will understand why everyone on this thread adviced you not to do so. you will be wiser and more mature.

    so, sure, go ahead. some people only learn by their mistakes.

    i had to and thats why what i tell you here is proven and has value.

    take care my friend! sex is not everything. go do a dopamine detox and change your life. the very fact that you even posted here shows me that you are a good person. dont lose yourself ever. trust what people here tell you. theyve been through things you cant imagine. you dont need to repeat our mistakes.
  12. p1n1983

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    I had sex for the first time at 21. So 20 isn't the end of the world. 15 years later i already had 4 relationships and a bunch of casual dates.

    Self esteem and confidence are just things that comes along when you love you and your life. So you need to work on yourself so you can reach that point. In that moment you are going to became a happy person that puts a high value in his person and woman are going to be attracted to you.
  13. Chefb87

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    I would so strongly advise against it brother. It doesn't make it better. It makes it worse. You think you feel bad about being a virgin, or not having sex now? In the long term how are you going to feel about yourself to know that you had to PAY someone to be with you.
    Take this time , and focus you YOU. Maybe see a therapist to talk about the fucked up shit that happened to you, talk about your self esteem, and work on that.
    You will feel even more shame after having sex with a prostitute then you do now. And what happens if you DO meet a great girl that accepts you , and you either have to lie to her, keep a secret from her on seeing escorts. Or you risk telling her . It's best to seriously just not go down that road. This road will make you go deeper in shame. I guarantee you.
  14. Deysonn

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    I know its a difficult world out there, society allows us to get separated so easily and leaves us feeling lonely and empty. I am 38 years old now, I lost my virginity at the age of about 18. My sex life has had its ups and downs. A lot of those downs are the result of porn, my social awkwardness and lack of confidence. I have also played with the idea of being with a prostitute but I have not taken that step. I don't feel like it is one I will take either. I know the situation feels desperate. I know that feeling all to well.

    Having someone to talk to is very important, someone who is responsible and will give good advice. This may be a councilor if you have no one else you can turn to. Covid 19 makes this even more challenging but when the situation permits, engaging in social activities is key to developing as a person. The more you hide away, the worst things become. All humans have insecurities. The only way to work past them is to engage with others and work on improving yourself. The world / media makes us think we need to be perfect. No one is perfect, social media may make it look that way but that it is not reality.

    Don't let sex with prostitutes become your new coping mechanism. Cause you will just be replacing porn with hooker. You have to work on yourself, have a look at yourself and see what decisions you can make now to improve. Small steps every day. Its a struggle but don't give in bro. You have so much promise at age 20. Wish i was 20 again!! Message if you need to bro. Here to support.
  15. LoveIsAllWeNeed

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    These are mind tricks. You don't know any of this. The emptiness, the bitterness, the horniness is all related to your way of thinking. Watch the universal man videos. He really is a master in teaching you how to get your mind in a better shape and, as he says, 'become a man that you admire'!!
    This, my friend, is the big secret. Support yourself, coach yourself, be gentle with yourself and don't set to high standards and expectations. It's all in your mind!!
  16. The Demonslayer

    The Demonslayer Fapstronaut

    Thanks for all the responses guys. I know hiring a hooker is one of the lowest disgusting acts ever but it's one of the reasons why i wanna do it. I like pitying myself and i like engaging in self destructive ways due to self hate. It's not only about being horny or being curious about women, but it's also a way to take revenge from myself.

    I just cannot stop or fix myself it's already over for me and i'll never be normal or attractive.
  17. Listen...I have literally been where you are right now. I used to think that I had no worth as a human being and I constantly treated myself like shit, was treated poorly by other people and let it get to me and I had suicidal thoughts in high school. And no, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that things will magically just get better; lots of people in this world are assholes but if you take all their negativity in, you will become what they want you to be.

    It took me a LONG time to get to a place where I could date, be in a relationship and have sex. As I entered my early 30s I was still a virgin myself and believe me, it was starting to take a HUGE toll on my already dwindling self-esteem. I started to wonder if I should just go to a prostitute, but a short while later I met the woman who would eventually become my then girlfriend and take my virginity.

    To clarify, I'm not even going to tell you not to go to a prostitute; if you want to then that's your decision. TBH though, being able to say that my first sexual experience was with a woman that I was in a committed relationship with is a very comforting fact to have. Something tells me you're not a bad person and you've been unjustifiably pushed around for most of your life, but I KNOW that you can find people who you resonate with. Maybe use or some other social platform, but try and increase your friend circle. Find a brand new, fresh set of people that don't know you and won't judge you or scrutinize you. You might feel vulnerable opening up to them at first, but eventually they will see that there is goodness in you and that you are worthy of enriching human interaction.

    Also, if you really are dead set on using an escort, at the very least go to Nevada and do it the LEGAL way. I would hate to see you catch an STD or get arrested.

    I sincerely hope you rise up from all this and find true happiness. I wish you the best.
  18. kamov

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    Lol ok, so I will give my 5 cents about this.
    If you really want to know, my first time was with a prostitute.
    I don't care if anyone think: Thats disgusting, your first time and you paid for someone to be with you ? HELL YEAH!!

    And you know what ? I enjoyed a lot. I was just like you, I was a virgin and I had some kind of "anxiety" about losing my virginity, so I paid for a prostitute, after sex I was like: Shit, now im not a virgin

    And guess what ? Im pretty fine about that ! Being a virgin its a burned that EVERY men need to take off his shoulders ! I don't care what anyone thinks about pay a prostitute, your life, your rules, do everything you want to do with NO REGRETS.

    Want to fuck a prostitute ? Go for it, will that make you feel better and take a burden from you ? Yeah, go ahead!

    Don't listen to these guys that criticize you. Prostitution exists today and has existed even before God even existed! Dont be ashamed about that, people that say that shit to you are virgins and are hoping for getting married or the "ideal girl" to show up and then fuck her and lose their virginity. GUESS WHAT ? There is no such thing as ideal girlfriend.

    Virginity it's not a thing, it's not a discussion, it's not a subject, nobody in this world will care if you are not virgin, I don't care, your neighbour don't care, God doesn't care! Its a burden that every man need to take of his shoulder, and in my perspective, it's a burden that needs to be take care of from early ages.

    It's not rare that many fathers introduce prostitution to their sons (of course when they are +18 obviously).

    Look, I can see you are wasting your toughts about that virginity shit, I gave my honest opinion, do you want to take that burden out of your head ? Go, go now, fuck a prostitute now, if that will make you feel better, go!
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  19. Deysonn

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    Lots of varied advice here, I am not one for prostitution because I fear the possibility of getting some disease. So your decision there is a personal one but if you were to ask me I would say don't do it.

    However I think being a virgin is the least of your problems, you got to pick yourself up, have some conversations with a well grounded male you can trust. As men we all need mentors in my opinion, Its good to have someone who is older, wiser and can give sound advice. This helps you to grow and develop and takes away some of the guessing we have to do as men navigating life.

    Maybe you will still see an escort, but it does not seem like you are emotionally prepared for that if you are going to just beat yourself up some more because you did.

    Do you have any support systems you can turn to at all? Whats the situation with you Dad, any uncles, any solid males in your life you can talk to?
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  20. The Demonslayer

    The Demonslayer Fapstronaut

    Thank you so much for this reply. Well I'm actually well adjusted socially and i have many friends even if they might not like me very much but at least they treat me good. Everything in my life can be fixed, but women, they've been the cause of my misery and pain since puberty, i don't hate them, but i just have some sort of a complex towards them, i can't deal with them or accept them even if i want them and they don't accept my either or care about my existence. I still have conflicted views on prostitution and i don't know what i will do yet.
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