How can I learn to not act out my emotions?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by I Hate PMO, Aug 1, 2021.

  1. I Hate PMO

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    I think I would greatly benefit from it if I want to succeed in NoFap

    I really would like to learn to ignore my emotions and basically act "purely rationally"

    I often find myself driven by anger and hate (by other people in my surroundings or if I watch a video about sth which makes me feel upset), lust, laziness (this whole I'm too tired to do anything), sometimes sadness and caffeine overload

    But anger and lust are my main problems, laziness is a very honorable mention though

    It's not that it's "ruining my life", but as a young adult I think I should have the ability to control my emotions and act rationally instead of being like a little child and acting purely out of emotional instinct

    Any ideas what I could do? I've heard stoicism could be a good start
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    Lucho con tus mismos problemas ... más que todo la pereza, parece q la línea plana se relaciona con estas condiciones, otros hablan de explosión de Energía pero yo en 2 semana no experimente nada de eso....

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