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    Hi guys I’m sorry for a not perfect English and for this long thread it would be a little long, please help me and give me some advices,

    So I’m 22 years old I used to be addicted to porn and once when I was 18 years old I tried NoFap for like 40 days and found benefits so I did a mistake returned to porn and told to myself I’ll quit it when I’m a little older, so now I’m on 51st day of no porn no social media and no erotic stuff and 27th day of NoFap but I’m having social and physical benefits but nothing 0 sexual benefit rare erections and morning wood my penis have shrinked and I feel my balls are getting smaller and not loose and it bothers me a lot and I’m afraid it would affect my sexual confidence, those are the causes I guess I’m hoping you’ll give me an advice;

    - It’s just a flatline

    - Having a weak or tight pelvic floor

    - I’m searching for a job so it’s mental

    - 3 years ago I was insecure about my penis size so I sent my penis pic to 5 girls on the net they all complimented me and turned out that I was big and very thick it gave me confidence but shortly after I felt guilty and felt that I committed sin because it’s against my principles and was feeling like I’ve cheated my future wife so the fact that I’m still thinking about it means that I’m anxious about it

    Brothers please tell me if it’s just a flatline I’m ok with it, if it’s psychological I’ll do meditation and yoga, if it’s due to pelvic floor should I start a program of kegel/reverse kegel and which one should I focus on how I know If I have strong muscles or weak ones and which muscle should I train PC BC or IC

    Thank you and sorry for this long thread

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