How can I muffle this ultra sensitivity in the penis and balls?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by locomia, Aug 14, 2020.

  1. locomia

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    Im at day 23 today,hardmode,and Its like whenever I go to take a shower and I undress the light touch of taking out my clothes with my penis and the breeze feels ultra sensitive down there,it's so good the feeling,and very arousing but triggering,at doing this I have urges for the following minutes,until I focus in other things.


    Also when I go poop Is like I drain some drops of seminal fluids from my dick its like at the slightest movement or girl i see in street(I dont watch porn or triggering content) Im getting my penis with preseminal shit,all 24 hours its very sensitive and I cant move properly because I dont want to get triggered

    I'm like this when I feel the sensitivity

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  2. clapas

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    It's normal. I think time helps, it gets easier --and hard and times of course.
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  3. Masked Man

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    I read the book 'your brain on porn ' and in that it's mentioned that
    As people m and p often so the private parts become ultra sensitive. A minor and slightest touch can turn into a trigger.
    So I would suggest Give it a good time and things will restore back to normal.
    Further it's a sign that you are reaching and getting close to ur goal.
    Best of luck.
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