How can I reach 100 days? It's impossible to think about it.

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  1. Today is day 9 and I have never reached this much before. But I can't imagine myself not relapsing during those 91 days left.

    To anybody who has had dangerous urges but managed to go past 100 monk/hard mode, please tell me your secret. Don't be vague, write me an essay-long post if it is helpful.

    Thanks for reading...
  2. Don’t think about the number of days just think of it as each day. One day at a time.
  3. But how can I deal with the constant urges? There is literally no substitute to the orgasm (from PMO.)
    I can't stop fantasying...
  4. noonoon

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    Here’s the secret: Practice. I’ve failed hundreds of times, but EVERY time u get up and try again is a victory.

    This battle is hard. The first twenty days is crazy hard. I cried like s baby at times. I thought of getting scratched up lenses so I couldn’t lust after the women I saw walking on the street. I went to a 12 step group for sex addicts. I put blockers on my computers and established healthy habits. I learned to deal with stress in a healthier way rather than relying on pmo. I begged God to relieve me of this burden. I prayed, and prayed and prayed.
    It’s a journey. We have years of bad habits to unwind from.

    Are you ready to face your demons? Are you ready to fight? For pain? Cause that is what it takes. Toughness and perseverance. Stop lust. Stop fantasy. Embrace real life. It hurts.

    But, the compulsive urges stop. The feeling like you’re going to die if you don’t pmo goes away. And then, once you break free of the pmo chains, you discover all the other little chains that drove u to pmo in the first place. That’s where the real work begins.
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    You don't have to jump into hard mode straightaway if you feel like it is too hard for you. Go normal mode and use it as motivation to get into a relationship. During my 90 days streak 2 years ago, I have met my girlfriend and if I kept PMOing, I don't think I would have the motivation to speak with her.
  6. I live in an eastern part of the world. We don't hook up here and we only lose our virginity to marriage, and I will not even think about getting married until a decade from now, so what you said doesn't apply to me...
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    i don't have an answer to your question but i think noone can have. i noticed this dependece is implanted in my life as an habit, the moments where i am most tempterd is between 2 and 4 p.m. i implanted by this way in my life because in the last years those were the moments where i was alone so i could take advantage by the situation. in those hours i try to look for something is pleasant even if everything could never be as pleasant as pmo. i could do push ups, but even if they are nice, let have a beautiful body are difficult to apply when i am tempted. so reading, it is wonderful but in that moment is difficult. so i found something simple i could do in those hours and i found to have a walk in the park near my house, to be in nature was very easy and was so pleasant that i didn't need pmo at that time. it is a solution ? i don't know, you have to find something to do when you are tempted strongly but it should be easy and enjoyable to do
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    I went 2 weeks once by promising myself. But I get a wet dream once a week when i don't do the thing
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    Nothing you can do about wet dreams. Just keep at it.
  10. Hey, brother karakolt. :) I don't think there are any secrets. Many report similar strategies and you can read about them in the Success Stories forum. It has some 100 day (or close to 100) success story threads that explain what they did to get there. Some are even essay-long posts too. Here's a couple of threads that have been useful to me:

    I wish you the best on your journey! :)
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    Well said
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    I am on my 2 weeks plus and from a 7 year constant fapping. Its very hard, my secret is cutting food down since it tricked me to be loosing calories. I havent blocked any internet as long as i am not opening them.
    ITS HARDER WHEN you think you can call someone and do stuff then remember nofap means no orgasm at all. So you just wait
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    What is it with 100 day time mark? What will it bring you when you reach it? You should be aiming to be PMO free for life. 100 days will be just one milestone on your path to better life. I've done 90 days hard mode (no sex, no porn/orgasm) three times, nearing 100 mark now, but I don't consider myself a non addict. You have to say to yourself I'm done with porn and be done with it. There's no magic pill, just your will to resist temptations. You'll probably get sick, depressed, anxious on your way to recovery, your mind will play tricks on you big time... You can feel miserable all you want, the only thing you have to do is not to watch porn and not to masturbate. It's a simple choice, your choice, either you do it or you don't. Do aerobic exercise on daily basis, no matter what. You will develop discipline and will power to fight temptations when they arise, plus get daily dopamine fix, so your cravings will not be so bad. Remember, we're here to learn how to live again, not to achieve 30, 60, 90 days goal. Such mindset will only lead you to relapse big time, after your time goal is achieved. Believe me, I've been there, done that.
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  14. No PMO for life? It's really hard combat the urge to have an orgasm. It's literally the only "high" I get in life.
    I also don't want to have sex, get married or live with anyone at all. So I won't be having sex at all.
    But PMOing has caused me a lot of problems. Anxiety, fatigue, PIED, brain fog and a lot of stuff. If something affects my health then it is not good for me.

    If I go M free for life, then I will live and die without any O at all.
    I am literally living in hell right now, and I must be honest, masturbating is a literal antidepressant. It always numbed down my depression and anxiety (temporarily). You might say it's temporary and that it's not good, but hey aren't antidepressant the same? Except most of the they give no results and they take a while for their effect to kick in...

    So it's not easy. By the way I am on day 11 now and it feels good :) Never been past day 8 before.
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  15. wake_up

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    Yeah, I could never imagine that as well and I had crazy urges for sure.
    But I feel like I've finally found an approach working for me:
    Don't count the days (ok, just write down, when you started, lets say for statistical purposes ...)
    And don't fight the urges.

    That's ofc only a part of the process.
    You wanted an essay, here is a bit more:
    A whole book - for free. It flips everything you know about the addiction and tells you the correct mindset to quit.
    After you understand and internalize it and makes it just easy to quit WITHOUT willpower.


    Don't agree here. I tried willpower, didn't work for me. Drained only ALL my energy and made me miserable after to catastrophic binge relapse.

    I know how you feel.
    But ...
    you said it yourself ... it's only temporarily.
    And this (fake) relief lasts for shorter and shorter amounts of time, before your depression&anxiety kicks in again, right ?
    And you know yourself, antidepressants are bad for you in the long run, and probably are addictive.

    Read the book, it has several chapters on that topic.

    Probably not, but this book get's damn close :cool:
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  16. I have examinations this week ;(
    So I can't read that book...
  17. wake_up

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    Then try some mild tranquilizer, e.g. extracts. I tried it recently and it was quite enjoyable. I could sleep really well and depending on the dose you also can better concentrate as it doesn't make you sleepy.

    I know, this is not a good timing to start the book. Just finish your exams, MO as much as you want, or fight with willpower agaist it - either way, you know you'll be drained of your energy.

    After you read the book, you'll have an alternative.
  18. You get there One Day at a time.
    Simple as that.
    Don't think about "how far you've come" or how far you must still go. Think about this moment, this precious gift called the present. What we lose most from addiction is not our future, nor is it the time that's already past, it is the moment right now, when your mind decides to not appreciate what is happening around it, whether good, bad or so deeply painful, and simply decides to chase a fix.
    That is by far, imho, the biggest loss for addicts, and that, imho, is what we should strive to regain : control and freedom to live the way we choose consciously, to be able to take in what is around us, and let ourselves absorb everything good that is on offer; in every breath, every second and every single moment that we are Blessed with in this life.
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  19. This time I have broken my best streak by 4 days. I never managed to get past 7 days before. (Day 12).
    This time flatline hit me and I feel no urge and I don't feel an erection at all... I also don't feel the urge to thus why I have easily reached day 12.

    Why this time it's unique? No libido... No erection, no urges... (yet)
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  20. Brother you are asking too many questions of yourself. Slow down, simply be glad that you are going well this time.
    As for the flatline, be thankful for it now. Focus on your exams. And afterwards make sure to read the book that @wake_up posted above, I have only read the first 2 chapters and it's powerful stuff. God Willing, it will serve to be the death knell for your addiction. Then you will only look back and smile for having escaped from this personal hell called addiction.

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