How can someone become the next Steve Jobs ? (Seriously)

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Mr.Tony, Oct 18, 2020.

  1. Mr.Tony

    Mr.Tony Fapstronaut

    How can someone become the next Steve Jobs (God may rest his soul) ?

    • I'm 100% Serious on this topic: The Top 1% are my Icons, I know they have their own fields. I'm npt trying to mimic them. I got my own field and i wanna be a Topper in it and Neil it!

    • I have one Problem though, I get tired so quickly. I'm determined to work hard and i even forgot the exist of my D*** - My only purpose it this; how can i move to the next level but efficiently ?

    • I recently tried working hard 14 hours, i ended up sick. Sleept too much qith headache on the middle of my head.

    • I was a weak student 3 years ago my grades were low, I have two bachelor degrees. Last year in MBA my Semesters where good i went from 10/20 in Bachelor Degrees to 14/20 in MBA (1st year), Now i'm determined on NoFap and i'm willing to pull sacrifices to achieve greatness! I need to become a Topper no less than Number: #1.

    ▪ My question is how to do it ?
    - My focus is so short. I decided to reduce the Pomodoro Technique to 10 mins a Session.
    - I became stupid the more hours i study.
    - Brain Fatigue Happens and i become more and more sleepy!
    - I get Headache everytime i study too much. ( My Father had a Glioblastoma last during April he did a surgery and now he follows Chemotherapy and Radiation, I'm really afraid from such Brain Tumors, I stopped working now for two days )

    Still waitig for an effective advive that can help me achieve greatness without destroying health in the process.

    Thanks to all of you!
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  2. palindromo

    palindromo Fapstronaut

    A session of 10 minutes it's so short, i don't think you can study properly like this.
    Personally i use sessions of 50 minutes allowing myself to get distracted after 30 minutes

    Glioblastoma is not inherited

    About your brain fatigue ,focus on eating really healthy and get abundant sleep
  3. Mr.Tony

    Mr.Tony Fapstronaut

    I know that 10mins is not much, but i'm trying to let my brain start to get used to it, it's always better to start slow and move on upward.

    In workout, you can't lift up 100 Kilogram in the first day, you warm up and than start slow little by little, i concluded this due to the Brain itself being a Muscle.
  4. palindromo

    palindromo Fapstronaut

    I'm sorry for your dad ; probably right now you can't focus properly due to the worries you have for him

    I'm sure you can do a lot more, improving rapidly
  5. SirErnest

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    It's very modern to focus a lot on greatness, but in my opinion it's better to simply make your life better. People do not need to be 'great'/famous/a genius to be worthwhile.
  6. AlphaWolf1408

    AlphaWolf1408 Fapstronaut

    You are thinking way too much into this. Steve Jobs wouldn't have time posting on a Forum because he was busy CREATING.

    There are two kinds of people: Producers and Consumers (That consume what the producers CREATE).

    Create something of value to millions of people and you will be the next Steve Jobs. Get to the BUILDING part :)
  7. Mr.Tony

    Mr.Tony Fapstronaut

    In the first Semester of Economics we were thought the different of Consumer / Producer ! I know exactly the differencw betweent the two.

    About Steve Jobs:

    1/ He was working hard on production that'd a fact.

    2/ if there is anything he's gonna regret i this world was the lack of not spending enough time with his family and do something that could make him grow as a person. It's my personal opinion.

    3/ Working hard and assembling wealth for others is not really a great life, i don't wanna replay it.

    4/ Steve Jobs was lucky, and yes he was lucky to be born in USA and in an Envirment that helps him produce more for the world. Many people never had that chance.

    5/ I was discussing the productivity part, and to make it simple, i feel my body and mind are not helping to achieve such things. I'm not an Athleat and i don't have the height of an NBA Basketball players! I think it's genetics. Something totally out of my control.

    Thank you for reading.
  8. Mr.Tony

    Mr.Tony Fapstronaut

    My Dad couldn't walk no more and he has trouble with memory...
    9 months ago he was totally fine....

    Thank you for your kindly words.
  9. palindromo

    palindromo Fapstronaut

    Tell me , do you read books? how long can you read a book of your interest ? How long can you follow a professor's explanations before getting distracted?
  10. ThePeakWae

    ThePeakWae Fapstronaut

    Oh yes, thats so true, When I think about my struggles with entrepreneurship I look at my place and I get why it´s so, I´m filled with toxic enabling parents and very few oportunities outside of the web to devellop good skills, but I take what I can get, nowadays, there´s no excuse to not be into investing if you already have a steady income for instance.
  11. L3t'sG0

    L3t'sG0 Fapstronaut

    I like to add some stuff I've experienced personally.

    I believe happiness comes before success. I mean, if you're not happy with your work, you won't wake up and get off your bed just to do work. You won't sacrfice everything (sometimes even your living conditions) so that you can focus more time on it.
  12. I'm positive Steve Jobs and many other successful people in his tier were under influence of drugs.

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