How can we possibly go about building good habits?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by :)-keepsmiling, May 24, 2020.

Do you find difficulty in building habits

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  1. :)-keepsmiling

    :)-keepsmiling Fapstronaut

    The most important thing that we all will be doing is habit building during our rebooting process! The best way to numb all the bad habits is to work yourself on the good ones! But over the days I am getting confused at how to approach towards building habit. A way that can be more effective!!
    For this I need your help! Guys, I request you to post your ways of building habits that you think is quite efficient. I believe that this thread will help me and a lot of people who are suffering to build good habits!
    Hoping to get quick responses!!
    (I recommend you all to share your experiences rather than sending tips and tricks on the internet. Send your approaches that have actually worked!! Don't get me wrong!!! Send response within a week)

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