How Covid-19 is Impacting Saints Worldwide

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  1. 2020, what a year we're having so far. With the outbreak of Covid-19 many things have either stopped, slowed down, changed or being adjusted on a daily basis. How we 'worship' as saints is no exception. I'd like to know your experiences and thoughts on how the ordinance of the Sacrament is being administered in places where church members are in lockdown/quarantine/isolation. The term 'virtual Sacrament' is a term being bandied around at present and is causing some controversy.

    In areas where church members are not able/allowed to congregate and participate in the usual process for the administration of the Sacrament some priesthood holders have been given approval by their Bishop to phone/video call those who don't have priesthood holders in their home to bless the Sacrament bread and water. The members without priesthood holders in their homes will prepare the Sacrament bread and water, and will also pass it to themselves.

    Breaking with tradition? Moving with the times? Acting with dignity given the circumstances and context? Messing with a priesthood ordinance?

    Any thoughts? Are you seeing the administration of the Sacrament being done differently to the 'norm'?

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    This is just my instinctive opinion:
    It's a break of tradition. I think some rites require a person to physically be there. I mean, indeed a holy ceremony viewed from far and wide is not a new thing (That's what conference is) but the act of blessing the bread, it feels off for me.
    I guess it's easy to say these houses should've already had a priesthood member, but for some people, that is of course not a option.
    Again it's easy to say 'lets just not do it for a while until everything gets back up' but the Lord commanded it to be a weekly ordinance.
    Personally, it'd make me uncomfortable. Some things work from a distance, certain ceremonies don't.
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  3. Hey thanks for your response and insights @AntiqueRevolverGuy. My apologies for not replying earlier. At first it made me feel uncomfortable but then I was willing to follow my Bishop who was following direction from our Stake President. As it turned out we were advised by the Area Presidency not to proceed with such arrangements to administer the Sacrament. Our Bishop had second thoughts and wasn’t personally happy with it in the first place but was going to go along with e Stake President. My takeaway: listen to your gut feeling as much as your Priesthood leaders.
  4. I hear many wards in the USA are still not holding Sunday worship services in chapels due to COVID-19? Is this correct? Where I am we have safely returned to worshipping in chapels on Sunday. So grateful we are. How is everybody else doing?

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