How cut down urges to zero ?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by lonewolf296, Jul 21, 2019.

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    My question is how can I cut down my urges totally to zero ?
    My PMO stats suggest that my fapstreak has drastically reduced . As such I used to fap like a normal fapper once a day and in 50 days it was like 50 faps . Now since nofap stepped in and I wanted the benefits it has , in last 50 days I fapped 7 times . First I was on a 17 day streak , then I broke it due to a wet dream and after a few failed reboot attempts ( edging , relapsing ) . I restarted the nofap streak at 4th July and its again a 17 day streak . The urges and the sex drive has reduced to a 60% of original fap routine . But now and then the old images pop up in my head whenever I'm alone and it makes me lose my composure . Sometimes the urge is weak but sometimes its really strong . I really want to step in the monk mode where there is zero urges and I want to be a man like that for a significant period .For the record , I don't even look at wrong posters , pictures with women in clothes with even slight cleavage. Because I'm sick of my head objectifying women (though 60% of times I don't objectify them) .
    Any help would be greatly appreciated .
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  2. For me it worked doing things like:

    -Taking cold showers almost every day
    -Stay away from social media
    -Be careful on what you think (you know)

    I hope it helps you, stay strong!
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    All good suggestions, just be aware that it isn't really possible to cut down urges to zero 100% of the time.
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    for me going to bootcamp, i was isolated from all technology and forced to do things like read books, draw, write, in order to keep myself sane, but while i was there i had no pmo thoughts or urges, and i was able to get into things i enjoy again. So my advice would be do an electronic detox, no internet or technology for 3 months, instead do hobbies, beneficial things, youll realize just how much you dont need any of that electronics stuff, and you will be rebooted no problem, hope this helped.
  5. lonewolf296

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    Seems helpful . Really techno detox sounds better . Thanks everyone for every suggestion

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