How do girls check guys out?

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    I have no idea what girls look for when checking guys out I use to think it was muscles and ever since college I have been working out and still didn’t get any women because of my self esteem and still was pmoing but now I could careless I take care of my body for me now and I’m still fit but what is even better is stopped pmo for like a year and half almost and now I feel a lot better about myself so now when I sense girls are checking me out I just try to look them in the eyes and smile lol I think it doesn’t matter what they look for it matters how you feel about yourself
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    Could be my interpretation, but it looks to me like OP was asking about his dong, and we all went on our tangents from there.

    And I think we can agree on that if a gal's looking at a guy's package, she liked a whole bunch of other stuff about him first, and it may or may not have had anything to do with his looks. It's not like the whole "last chicken in the shop" look is all that appealing in and of itself. :D
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    Although if he's 6' 10", I guess it's a perfectly legit concern, seeing as that's the part that's in people's faces the most. :D
  4. I honestly don't know what he truly wanted or was asking out of this, I thought it was legitimately just a question on what women looked at but from what I've read that's not the case. lol

    I can't comment on that as I'm not other women but I do know of some that are just interested in a bloke's dick and/or their looks, while everything else like personality and behaviour comes second. People are unpredictable and honestly you would have to ask each person I guess as every individual is unique and thinks in a different way.
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    Be the good version of you -- the right lady will see an even better version. When you broadcast trivial or superficial things, you won't achieve a meaningful relationship on that basis. Maybe you'll still stumble into something awesome, but only after things of real value are highlighted. Consistently compliment a lady on her inner goodness and a whole new flower will bloom from within that outshines the rest of your world :)
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    I have clearly no idea what women checks in a guy. However being a guy I do know that there are two major parts in attraction. One is physical beauty and the others are charisma and character. Some of us are gifted with physical beauty, they are beautiful to look at. Even we men can recongize and admit this beauty in other men. This is the outer beauty. We are programmed to recognize and appreciate this beauty. These men catch the attention of the people very easy. People can't help but to notice them.

    Charisma and character is the inner beauty. It doesn't catch your attention at first sight but when you meet them, talk and spend some time with them you can't help but feel attracted to them.

    The physical beauty is only acquired through genetics. Charisma and character you can get no matter how you look. You can learn these quality's with practicing until you master them. You will attract people and girls will notice and feel attracted to you in a sexual or non sexual way.

    With good character I don't mean the stereotype good character. I mean being somewhat shy(its even hot nowadays), having confidence, bravery, becomming fearless, somewhat leadership quality's, patience, strong minded, a great dosis of humor, well educated and more..
    In my opinion and many others the best example who ever lived and showed us the best conduct was Muhammad(peace be upon him). This man is recognised and verified by blievers and non-believers. He changed the whole society in just 25 years. His secret? His character. You don't have to believe in his religion or message. Just learn from his character and see what good it does to you. Goodluck !
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    The guy in the vid was probably admiring the intricate weave of the fabric on the chair. Anyway why the hell are you youtubing vids of chair sniffers? Hmm.
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    I love chairs and I love women.

    I also love the answers I gave.


    Self Esteem.
  9. Well this is my opinion as a man, but I'd say girls are attracted to status/charisma. This means the ugliest man on the planet could make a girl fall heads over heels if he had personal charisma and charm. Mostly though women don't want to be bored. They want someone who can make their emotions peak & bring them back low, like a rollercoaster ride. This is part of why women typically like soap operas.
  10. That's definitely not what I want. Lol I'm fine with being bored or sort of neutral, but it's not fun to be sad or have low emotions. I would never want to be with a man who intentionally makes me feel that way because he thinks it's what I want. That's ridiculous.

    I agree with the high part though, and for the most part I dont want to be bored. So every once in a while it's nice for my husband to do something special for me or take me out on a date or something, and I do the same for him, because it makes life less boring. But I'll pass on the "bringing my emotions low to feel like a roller coaster ride." Maybe you're thinking of teenagers. Mature, grown women dont want a drama-filled, rollercoaster life just because it's fun to watch on TV sometimes.
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    I personally dont find beauty in a naked womabuti see it when they're
    Dressed. When i see a woman/man naked i see shame, thats why Adam and Eve were ashamed to see each other naked. but when sin came in we took beauty as the naked features, in heaven we will be dressed always, meaning true beauty is the person as a whole.
  12. When I said bring emotions low, I didn't mean any screwed up bull. I meant like sharing negative experiences together, such as perhaps opening up about your depressed times, the financial situations that are scary & that can get you down, most friendships rely on both positive & negative experiences, if you can only have one & be happy then that usually would require the other to hide their doubts, fears, depressions from the other & with such a low level of trust not getting bored of the relationship would be difficult if you guys could only experience the good times together & be satisfied, perhaps this is just a silly magnetman's opinion though xD
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  13. Gotcha. That's not what I thought you meant at all. It sounded like you thought girls just love drama, even if it's bad and makes them feel like crap, which isn't true. Maybe some girls, but definitely not all of them.
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    Women do check these things but they all vary. Also women have a better peripheral vision then us, so they do check us out even though you have the impression they are not looking. Most women will love a guys butt, a guys shoulders and his height as well. Some will check the bulge too, not all but some. But I think will usually check a guys body language and posture. It gives them an idea which men are confident ,happy go lucky,ambitious and does not give a shit, so it is a good idea to stand straight, never slouch, eyes straight forward and never down.

    So yes, women do like guys who take care of themselves, but not just because of their physical appearance but it also says a lot about their personality traits.

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