How do I allieviate the sense of lonliness and disappointment that comes after a relapse?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Deleted Account, Aug 30, 2020.

  1. For most of the day I've felt a sense of fatigue. A lot of people I know mistake this for depression, but it's actually not. This is a sense of fatigue and it won't go away if I have a cup of coffee. Coffee may bring relief to the feelings of stress and angst, but it's not going too anything other than cause me to crash in the long run. I'm gonna be suffering through this for five days, so i'm gonna need advice on how to deal with this.
  2. Well it looks like you got hard ignored. You're 4 days in now. Feel any better?

    I'm sure you know that the easy solution is to just not relapse in the first place. I've managed to train myself to not feel like shit after a relapse but it took a change in mindset and lots of experience.
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    Don't fight your fatigue. Accept it as it is. Do physical activities like fitness, walking, biking that give you energy. And most of all, don't punish yourself. Self-rejection is the surest way to relapse.
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    Accept your fault, own it, keep yourself busy, all storms subside, and the self-evident, strive for not relapsing, easier said than done I know...but I feel that's the only honest way to deal with relapsing...

    I hope you are doing better by now.
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    I feel ok until I use the internet and somehow get overstimulated. Not all internet is bad off course but I'm still learning what it. Maybe the same thing is bothering everyone that we're fine unless overstimulated while trying to quit an overstimulating activity?
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    Oh yes most definetly, I lost the count of times I'd been minding my business looking for some totally non pmo stuff, usually study or science divulgation stuff on youtube or wherever and BOOOM hot chick on the recommendations or BOOM hot girl ad, then I'm like... fucking hell not again...sometimes I resist the triggers, sometimes I fail...
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    Don't beat yourself up from a relapse. It is part of the reboot that everyone tend to experience. It is a normal part of relapse, the fatigue. It is the best for you to reevaluate on what happened and why you were urging to relapse. I gives you a sense of clarity and understanding. And after that, it is better prioritize on your basic needs such as rest, eating a decent food, or finishing small tasks. Don't make it to hard, but progress as you go further. I'm sure you can do i
  8. Convert that disappointment around and make changes and choices that will prevent future relapses. Make choices like no using Facebook etc.
    Other than that, time and sleep cure things better than anything else.

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