How do I break the cycle

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    As soon as I get a couple day streak going, I relapse. How do i break this cycle? I've been eating healthier, exercising more and being more social, but I just can't kick this addiction.
  2. Well, I would start by writing down the reasons you want to do it and think about that.
  3. There is no one way. Everybody is different. I remember when a week was amazing for me, and a month, a month was like being on top of Everest. Build it up day by day, hour by hour. But maybe stop counting the days. It's cool in a way, but seriously, a week or a month did not mean I was better because my thinking and lifestyle had not changed. If I relapse now - and man, I have - I try to examine why and then try to up my strategy. But work hard and give us updates. People want you to succeed, and you can do it.
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