How Do I Channel Sexual Energy?

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    I heard in a video I watched that apparently there is a way to channel sexual energy into other things, basically. I deal with porn addiction, and sexual obsession. I wanna know how to put that sexual energy into something else, if that's possible. Any advice? Also please share a Youtube video about it if you know of a good one.
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    Do you feel like you have more energy? If so then use it to do other things.
    Or is it motivation you are looking for? For motivation you need to find something you can do, you enjoy and fits with your current life values.
    Or do you feel like you have more energy but cannot turn away from the idea of it being frustrated sexual energy?
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    It really just depends on what the person means by "sexual energy." The self-improvement crowd seems to define it as doing something other than fapping with your time.

    In qigong, sexual energy is your life force. Some schools says it can be replenished, others do not. In qigong, the goal is to preserve the energy and thereby become stronger and healthier. At advanced levels, you rise the energy to eleveate your spirit and conciousness, and possibly become immortal.
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    Do some physical work like raking, lawn mowing, cleaning around the house, etc. This will train your mind to move your body rather than sit around with the same urge all day. And it will help a lot with discipline. Also doing something enjoyable like music or sports or something. Be creative!
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    One of the ways is to do the 5 Tibetan Rites including the 6th Rite. What is recommended is to do the 5 Tibetan Rites for a period of few weeks and then only when sexual urges arise to do the 6th Rite. The 6th Rite should be done by those who are celibate and should only be done when a sexual urge arises.

    Video on 5 Tibetan Rites

    Video on the 6th Rite

    You could also read 'The Eye of Revelation' by Peter Kelder which goes through the 5 Tibetan Rites in a detailed manner and also explains the 6th Rite for celibate practitioners. It is this 6th Rite which has the power to transmute sexual energy from the lower areas to the higher areas.
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