How do I get away from the urges

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by twojayzeeukn, Jun 8, 2021.

  1. twojayzeeukn

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    I was on a week straight record after my relapse ending my nine months, and now i cant resist it. Its not before from when I could do 10 pushups or think it away, this stays. What do I do if im tooo horny? Either from spending the day around rather attractive girls, or TikTok traps me into it. Say the word and reasoning and I will delete it.

    Let me clear this up. I dont do it from passion or the sudden joy, I do it to get rid of the horniness, sort of as a relief. Do I clear my mind when I know I am going down that path?

    I think a lot about how I can stop the thoughts, but i have reached the end of my mental handicap and cannot devise anymore? Any help is great
  2. Kung_fu_panda_

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    Firstly read the ebook "Getting-Started-with-NoFap" provided by nofap...
  3. FarBeyondDriven

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    9 months of nofap! Relapse after such long time makes you fall into the addiction much more strongly than before. You are in the ass, man. Now resisting urges will be painful af, you need to embrace it or youll fucking die

    Stay strong
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  4. Perseverance2021

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    Best ways to get rid of urges
    - Take a walk (get out of your environment)
    - Start cranking out as many pushups as you can
    - Throw your shoes on and go for a run
    - Cold shower

    Also, it sounds like TikTok is one of your triggers. Get rid of your triggers. I deleted all my social media accounts before I started and it has made it so much easier to stay away from PMO.
  5. FarBeyondDriven

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    From what i know another cool way to get rid of urges is:

    -change the place where u are

    i.e. u sit by PC while having urges, just stand up and go to the different room
    I can see it works
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  6. ABigGuyForYou

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    I second the advice to get rid of TikTok, since it's clearly a danger zone. I have quit going to one of the forums I like the most because it was a huge danger zone, most of the time I could go there, see little or nothing and scroll right past it, but I knew it was just a matter of time until I got caught. Hanging out in danger zones is like playing in traffic in the street: sure, you might be okay, but if you do it enough, there will come a day where something bad happens.
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  7. Oppong Henry

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    Day 1 everything is cool today just some small urges but was able to overcome since it is day 1

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