How do I get Self Control?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by double_a, Oct 14, 2015.

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    I masturbated to porn twice yesterday and ate junk food. I feel like I am getting worse. I was tired and depressed after a long day of school. I needed a stress relief and relaxation, so I got my dad's phone and PMO'd. My dad won't put a password on his phone since he needs the internet for work. Whenever he goes to sleep, I take the phone from his room. My phone has no internet access. I have computers that have net access, need it for school. Also have a TV upstairs/downstairs with some channels that have triggering content. They are triggers everywhere and I can't block access to everything. I could find magazines and masturbate to a lady in a bikini/dress. Any advice on how do I get self control and learn how to discipline myself? It is difficult because of the strong urges and luring temptation.
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    Self-control is a muscle. If you curled up into a ball and clenched your fists every time you had an urge instead of indulging it, you'd learn that it's hard at first, and it gets easier, then you realize its really easy once you have the strength.

    You just have to decide to do or not do something.
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    It really is as Congrelous said, the more you practice the art of self control, the easier it gets.
    You have to truly want to improve it though, it's not something that can be half-assed so to speak. I've improved self control in many aspects of my life but as of late I have been struggling with it in a PMO sense. I've re-evaluated my reasons for wanting to continue with NoFap and that in itself has brought new energy towards improving my self control in this area. I suggest you keep moving forward and really try to discover why you want to begin this process that NoFap offers you.

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