How do I make friends ?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by johnmicormick, May 21, 2020.

  1. johnmicormick

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    I’m currently 15 in high school, and I literally have no friends. I have a few acquaintances, people I can talk to, ask help etc. but they’ve never really turned into anything more. Mainly because I’ll have one or two in a friend group, but there’s always that one person that hates me. It’s probably just social anxiety or something, but a lot of the kids in my class hate me, or just think I’m an asshole. I used to bully people earlier in life, and that’s carried with me. I’m not that great socially but I do okay, I do fine making friends at camps, other places. But I don’t know how to get close to people. Any tips?
  2. TheLightOne

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    Well you know why this is happening. Uve got a bad reputation for the past. You need to consistently change it for the good, so people will forget bout ur past
  3. izdwuut

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    Have you tried attending places full of people, like gigs? I imagine it's fairly easy to meet new people there. From my experience Buddhist centers are full of friendly people that are willing to make friends. Maybe it's worth giving it a shoot?
  4. Dennis O'Neill

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    Your past reputation is ruining your status today. This needs to change
  5. Purity Power

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    Toastmasters for training to do public presentations
    Business or real estate projects, visiting or meeting people, even online
    Language learning apps like HelloTalk

    Lead the way, if you have integrity, people with integrity will follow you, now it's normal to have haters, people are sinners so avoid wicked reprobates and do your thing right. Shine like a light amongst that perverse dark generation.

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