How do I push myself at the beginning of a streak?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Hello Friend, May 16, 2021.

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    It's been almost 6 months since I had my last great streak (40 days). After that, I'm stuck in a relapse cycle (10 days average).
    I don't really know what to do. I'm trying to do the same as I did on my good streak but it doesn't work. My will power is so low.
    I'm getting lower and lower everyday. Wasting a lot of time, not productive at all, can't even force myself to sit and do my damn homework.
    My grades are so bad!!! Everybody knew me as a good student, my memory is messed up. I have so many symptoms of pmo. I can't believe what I did to myself...:emoji_disappointed:
    I don't know how to plan my day and STICK to it.

    Please tell me how do I get myself out of this thing.
  2. alexandrebois

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    Urges -> Cold Shower -> 100 Pushups -> Urges -> .....

    If you still feel the urges after 100 pushups it means that it's not enough, go for 150 and even more , untill the urges are gone
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  3. You do know you need to do these two things though.

    For me, and I know it's an unusual case it's because I got excited about planning my day - especially when I realized there are actually biologically optimal times to do certain things like sleep and wake up. So even though most people don't do this much I didn't need the social support for it, and it is its own kind of support.

    I kind of doubt most people can feel the effect right away, it's the kind of thing they may look back after a week or two and figure they feel better overall, even though it starts working a little pretty quickly.

    Honestly, while things may start opening up in some countries and some states of the US - it seems we can't count on social support as much anymore. Spending a lot of time on this forum is a little bit of a mixed bag considering it can be addictive in itself but it may be worth overlooking if your main concern is PMO, for the time being.

    I'd suggest getting accountability on maintaining a schedule, because you're pretty broke when it comes to your will power bank account. You're going to have to let that gradually build and you can't rely on will power right now, which means you gotta stick with a structure. Think of it like if you have a broken leg and it's in a cast.
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    I'm with @alexandrebois. Exercise is a powerful motivator. I prefer running/aerobic work out over push ups but find a routine you like and do it. I like watching motivational videos on youtube to help get me psyched. Just search for "motivation" on youtube. The key though is to stop looking at porn and p-subs. Just stop doing that and allow yourself to masturbate for a while then, when you feel ready, stop masturbating. You gotta break the cycle of porn->horniness->masturbation->guilt. Porn is the easiest thing to eliminate so start there.

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