How do I release the abdominal pressure?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Abhishek_98, Jul 6, 2020.

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    I have tried noFap for over a few months now, and everytime I start my streak I can go till the 7th day only. After that, I start feeling a congestion in my lower abdomen, which just drives me crazy. No matter how many times I pee, the pressure just won't go away. It feels as if something more wants to come out of my lower abdomen. The only way through which I can release this pressure is by masturbating, even though I'm not horny.

    I've read in many articles, that how meditation helps you get rid of the urge to masturbate and believe me, I meditate every morning. But that just calms my mind, and not the pressure that I feel. And tbh it doesn't really make any sense ; just think of a situation where you need to pee very bad and I tell you to meditate to release the pressure from your bladder. Do you think that will work?

    So, is there any other way to release that pressure?
  2. Give a try to ashwini mudra(google it). I think it will help you..Another one i will suggest is that sat kriya.
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    Cold showers or ice packs on lower abdominal area or balls may help you. Also go to the doctor as there can be a variccosel or sth. I have one and i did a surgery.
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    From what I know that's just your semen collected in your prostate. It was so fast because you were fantasizing and trying to watch erotic stuff most of the time on NoFap. But don't worry. This semen will come out in form of wet dream. Just dont watch that erotic stuff, don't fantasize that much and most importantly don't relapse
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    Thats true, it sound like it is blue balls. Better abstain from all sexual stimulation, but if you get it i recommend cold baths or applying ice packs on lower abdominal area or testicles, also sleeping help your blood to circulate. Some exercise could help but it get painful sometimes.
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