How do I start, and break the urge?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by rC9947, Apr 16, 2015.

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    I discovered masturbation when I was a small child and that started the porn addiction. I've been struggling for years with it and now I've decided to join nofap to break free of porn.

    The problem is, I cannot go more than several days without fapping. When I go over a few days, I start to get an intense urge to fap, mainly because my sex drive was high from the long porn addiction. Since i've been struggling with porn for a while, my sex drive demanded more and I ended up having to look at fetish porn to satisfy the urge. I feel bad that I have to view more intense types of porn to turn me on, rather than simply looking at girls. I've already realized that porn is ruining my life and I wanna break free real bad! I could really use some help!
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    In my mind, you have done the most important thing, which is to decide to change. Never lose that even if you fail, which you may or may not. But one thing you cannot do is go back on your agreement with yourself that YOU ARE DOING THIS. That's exactly where I'm at with 2 days under my belt. Longest is 8.

    Plan to feel crappy. Prepare for the crappy. Embrace the crappy, because it's a sign of change. Plan for it by developing relationships, here and in real life. Tell like minded folks you are doing it. Write on other peoples journals here and make friends. That will get them to view your journal. Decide to write every single day until your goal.

    And research the crap out of YBOP (your brain on porn). great site. Since we have similar time and counters of clean time, do it with me!
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    assuming you are the age that you have written in your profile you probably have a lot of free time so exercise often and delete all porn on your computer and install some filter so you can't access internet porn and keep your mind busy by reading books or studying or whatever you know works for you.finding an accountable partner helps too.
    I don't know if you know how bad masturbating is but take a look at this.It's a start.

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