How do I stop living in my head an comfort zone?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Sakazuki27, May 16, 2019.

  1. Sakazuki27

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    Every day İ wake up İ oversleep because İ don't want to leave my bed. I know I should and do something productive but İ avoid too much... allthough there is a lot energy stored, don't know how to use it. İ overthink and don't know how to act outside of my anxious mode, it's like a safety net for me but it really holds me back.
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    The first step is the hardest. If you can just get up from bed and maybe take a cold shower, you will get rid of your anxious feeling. If you don't do anything, you won't get anywhere. This is just like abstaining, it is simple but not easy. There are no solutions except to just do it. There is nothing you need to figure out, just take actions. Once you start doing more, everything will get easier, including getting up from bed. You're just stuck at the moment, but you know what you need to do, you just need to actually do it.

    Also make sure you get enough sleep.
  3. Daniel Forster

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    That's most of it, just do it. It's important to have an goal to be achieved, I mean, if you don't have any goal or objetive to be achieved why wake up early? To make some plans before hand also help me a lot, especially when make your plan based on hours like: 7am - Wake Up 8am - Go jogging etc
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    Yeah, having a plan is another thing. If you don't have a plan, then you don't really have a direction to go in. You end up doing meaningless things that bring you instant gratification and you feel more passive which leads to anxiety and depression.
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  5. Ra's Al Ghul

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    Focus on actions rather than on feelings. For example, I don't wake up at 6am and then wait til I "feel" like running, I am dressed and out the door by 6am and start my run.
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  6. elevate

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    What's comfortable now will be uncomfortable later (eg. instant convenient gratification junk food leads to health problems).

    What's uncomfortable now will become comfortable later (eg. doing delayed gratification things you know you should be doing leads to healthy habits).

    You have to have a good enough reason to do things that will initially make you feel like shit. Good enough reasons to leave pleasure for pain. To leave comfort for problems.

    Most of the crucial things that will transform your life for the better you won't feel like doing them. You won't feel motivated / inspired. It can be scary / inconvenient / difficult / exhausting. So you have to condition yourself to face these things.
  7. properWood

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    I’d say, although not with professional weight, that you might suffer from depression. That’s because I have the same key issue, difficulty waking up, among others, and i was recently diagnosed with severe depression and burnout.

    As far as I was told, difficulty waking up (or not having the motivation to, i.e. procrastination) is a passive-aggressive type of behaviour.

    I think cold showers and the like are ok as short term coping strategies, but such behaviour is not a will power issue at all. You can will it all you want and you’ll feel worse over time, because it doesn’t address the underlying cause.
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  8. Sakazuki27

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    I never thought about burnout but yeah, it feels like one. Batteries are low, I feel like a Zombie and don't "function" properly anymore. And it makes sense. The way I live my life and take care of my needs I'm doomed to burn out. My inner world is a mess, I'm on survival mode. Feels like I have no control over anything...

    What is the proper approach to fill the batteries again?
  9. properWood

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    I’d say take a few, several days off everything; no work, no home responsibilities. Disconnect entirely from your day to day activities, no more social media.

    If you have a significant other, take them with you on a vacation. Burn through savings if needed, your mental state is more valuable than what’s in the bank account.

    Regarding overthinking, it’s usually a coping mechanism for decision making; you want to make the best decisions, so you overthink each aspect too much, in the end without any decision or with a decision that makes other happy, but not you. Or you will be happy that everyone else is happy, which is the wrong approach. But you’ll also be happy that you thought each scenario, in the end burning yourself. So no more questioning your decisions.

    Finally, i’d suggest to be a child for a few moments. You want an ice cream? Go get it now, and don’t allow yourself to talk yourself out of it (I might feel worse later, i’ll get fat etc). Do what feels spontaneous, what comes up as you go by. I’m in the same boat and, as example, I came home today from the dentist and then thought that I didn’t go for a run in a while; I could have allowed myself to give me reasons to talk myself out of it (it’s windy, cold, i’m sad, I need to change my clothes), but I said to myself ‘decision taken!’. Did I run a marathon? Nope, just 2 km. Now I’ll take my car and go for a drive to nowhere; just because I can, not because I need to do anything.

    Good luck! :)
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  10. johntitor96

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    If i may add my own thoughts to decision making:
    I am quite the same, I overthink each decision being aware that once it's done i can't undo it. This brings me to question the smallest decisions in life like spending the evening with a friend or family and feeling like it's one time in life I'll do one of the things less (since we have a limited lifespan). Actually it is way better if you just decide and stick to your deicision as properwood said, since people who take the wrong the decision end up being more happy than those who waste hours on taking one just to remain unsure wether it was the right decision or not. Because if you keep on questioning your decision there will be only wrong ones, no matter what you choose, there's always something that could have been better, but you've got to realise that it also could have been way worse

    Good luck
    and we're on the same boat with you :)
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  11. lolos

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    Normally you will be faced with two decisions, take an easy, gratifying action, or take a temporarily hard action that will benefit you in the long run. It should be very simple to distinguish these actions. As soon as you find yourself thinking, 'Hmmmm, what should I do?' Get the fuck up and do the hard thing. No more thinking about what is better, no rationalising, just get up and do it, now. As I'm writing this post I have two thoughts; keep replying to nofap threads or go to bed. I should get up and go to bed right now. You need to act.
  12. happy camper

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    something that's inspired me to get out of my comfort zone was this youtube channel called Yes Theory. their energy and intentions are so pure!

    its such a great reminder how we can grow by putting ourselves in uncomfortable situations. i always watch their videos when i'm feeling kinda down and need inspiration or just positive energy. they are so honest, open, vulnerable and most importantly human. they remind me of my own humanity and how there's so much potential within that is yet to be unexpressed. you simply can't have the benefits without taking the risks.
  13. Majik

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    Looks great! Looking forward to watching some of the videos, thanks! :)

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