How do people reach 30+ days??

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by CerealKiller, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. CerealKiller

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    It is seriously freaking me out at how difficult creating a reboot streak is. I desperately need to strengthen my self-control. As soon as the thought to PMO enters my mind I just can't help myself. My best streak is 3 days, and i don't feel like a biologically reset too much. Rebooting at all has really helped me feel better, but my brain is still in thrill seeker mode. Sexual media is so easy to find, even in perfectly innocent places. Zooop in goes the thought, and in goes the hand in the pants.

    How the hell can I make it to 30 days?

    At least I don't go on a PMO binge when I relapse. It just the once and then that is it for a few days. I think i need to take a breathe and just get back up.

    Any advice?
  2. Masquerade

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    You've mentioned your maximum is 3 days so you better aim for getting 7 at first. Increase the streak slowly or else its gonna make you crave more. And you cannot destroy energy. Likewise sexual energy should be channelized through some other means.Find a new hobby, read books, Do physical exercises and get to good shape, do meditation( these are imp). And you will get stronger.
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  3. iHappy

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    @CerealKiller Instead of writing all the tips I will just tell you to click on the link to my guide in my signature.
    It can be done, with the help of this community it is much easier. In fact, since I have joined here I didn't relapse.
    But even if I do relapse in the future, I won't be sorry that much because I have started growing and improving myself.

    Each time you say NO to the strong urges, you are growing.
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  4. GSarosi

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    1. Worked out a lot. Still do. Now I have added yoga and meditation.
    2. Have hobbies. Even better they are money making hobbies.
    3. Always out in public.
    4. Deleted my stash from my computer. Don't visit those streaming sites.
    5. Go do things where the women/men ratio is extremely high. Like 20:1. LOL. Show up long enough consistently you are going to catch some girl's attention. Then it may lead to....... #6
    6. Have a crush/muse that ultimately failed and fizzled. The annoyance of that itself will keep your mind away from any sort of fapping. Once you rise from that you definitely don't care about all of this and you keep on attracting the opposite sex. Then you finally meet someone where things will not fall a part and then you really put all of this behind you. Ha.

    30 days? Next thing you know you are four months in thinking what the hell happened and where did the time go!?!?!?!?
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  5. chaoyiyun

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    I think Increasing the streak slowly, this
    is a very important experience.
  6. you will get there. just keep going and dont beat yourself up. Aim for 7 days and take up new hobbies to distract yourself. Remember you are never a failure.
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  7. a3a

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    Learn from you're past mistakes and apply them.
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  8. zphyer6

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    I've been trying to do NoFap for years. I'd usually get a couple of weeks here or there then I would binge hard. Extremely frustrating to put it mildly. Just recently however I had a 60 day streak my longest by far, and now I'm on a 30 day streak. My 60 day streak only ended because I had been peeking at pictures of naked girls and even without edging had felt a dopamine rush, so for accountability reasons I reset myself. What changed that has increased my success?


    Seriously that's all it was. Whenever I felt an urge I would just refuse to give myself any stimulation no matter what. I tried all sorts of other things such as exercise, meditation, going out and being around people. Eventually though I would always end up alone and edging. Edging is the most insidious part of NOFAP. If you just stop edging no matter what, you're 90% of the way there. I wish I'd listened to other people's experiences and put a stop to edging, because I would have started beating this addiction a long time ago.
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  9. i_wanna_get_better1

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    The most effective thing you can do is to avoid being alone, especially being alone with an electronic device. Put in away... put it in the car... put it in the kitchen at bed time... eliminate any opportunity or any means of giving in to an urge or impulse. Write down a list of distractions or things you can do instead of turning to porn. Always have an alternate activity available.

    Start a journal. You need a place to write down your thoughts and feelings. Identify patterns and learn to change them. Use it as a safe place to vent your emotions and to ride out urges. Discovery your triggers - both physical and emotional. Write down your hopes and dreams and do things that help you achieve those goals.

    Exercise or just do something physical. Get out of the house and leave your electronic device behind. Go for a walk, ride a bike, start jogging. Let your brain get bathed in healthy endorphins instead of harmful dopamine. Exhaust your body so that when it's time for bed you fall asleep instead of staring at the ceiling.

    Lastly, avoid going into autopilot mode. Parts of our brain shut down when we start edging. The part of our brain that helps make good decisions shuts down. It is very difficult to pull yourself out of autopilot mode once you go into it... it's like going down a slide... there is only one direction.
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  10. indiechaser

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    Hi CerealKiller, if what you're trying isn't working then you need to take a different course of action. The key is action which will result in new behaviours/habits. This action could be whatever works for you: going to the gym reading self-help books or prayer and meditation. Whatever floats your boat.

    I would also recommend taking action to avoid all potential triggers. This action could be selling your smartphone, deactivating your Facebook account and/or only using the internet in an internet cafe. This may seem drastic. But from past experience, I know that half-measures won't work for me. Especially in my early days.

    Best of luck.
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  11. Don Gately

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    All the tips on here can be helpful. When it came down to it, I had to just leave my house for hours at a time because I knew if I were at home I would fall back in. After a few days of that I started to be able to trust myself. I did other things, like exercise, read scripture, pray more, and attend a 12 Step Group, but to get a few days clean I first had to just avoid the habit a lot.
  12. Oneness

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    Lust has it's root inside you. Your genitals don't start getting hard because you are in the vicinity of a hot girl, it starts up when your senses pick her up and the internal dialogue about whatever perverse things we think is ok start coming out. At this point, you have the choice because you are infinitely more able to 'check' the urge at this point than when you have your hand on your penis or are dwelling on lustful thoughts, spiking your dopamine. Now realise the truth of the situation that she is a human being, go and talk to her like a person, if you wish, don't, do something else, do whatever you want. Go through the momentary minor discomfort. It gets easier as time goes on and it enhances your whole being on every level. For me it's been the thing that has given me a new lease of life.
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