How do we deal with toxic parents?

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  1. Long story short I got toxic parents and it sucks a lot
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    According to your profile, you’re 17... Move out in a year and you won’t have to deal with them anymore. If you feel you’re incapable of being independent & supporting yourself when you’re 18 and want to stay there, maybe you can all go to a family counseling session with a psychologist.
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    Just tell them whatever they want to hear and take care of yourself. There is a support group for teens call Ala-teen for kids with alcoholic & drug addict parents.. You can go even if your parents are not alcoholics as they teach you there how to deal with emotionaly abusive parents with crazy ideas and toxic behavior and mental illness. It is a really strong fellowship of other teens who support each other through the warped thinking of wacky parents. If there is not a group that meets near you there are online groups..
    The truth is its really hard to deal with toxic people all on your own as they have a warped sense of reality and put that onto their children.. So finding other's dealing with the same thing and connecting to a higher truth really helps and they will teach you healthy tools to apply when they are in one of their episodes..
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    I'd get really serious about work options to try to have a good income. IMO college for those who want independence is not a good choice if you want to expedite your earning potential and career. Working on close friendships could also help. Try to behave honorably giving your parents all due and undue respect, cards of thanks on important days.
  5. Get independent, and be everything to your kids that you wanted your parents to be to you, because that's something you really control.
  6. I don’t wanna have kids cuz I don’t wanna make other people suffer from the thing called life.

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