How do you actually do something everyday?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by User3475682, Dec 5, 2020.

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    Hello comrades,
    It seems so hard to build somewhat like a routine right know. Even with NF, i tend to do all or nothing, never actually doing one thing for 5-7 days straight for like the/at same time.
    This happens with everything I try to accomplish, wether its school, fitness, reading, you name it.
    My days seem way to short and I end up spending the whole time on one issue rather than doing several things.

    Help would be much appreciated!
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    Hey man, first off, know that everyone has definitely been at this point. Putting your goals to action can be really tough in the beginning. I was watching a youtube video about reading more and this one guy mentioned a technique called minimum viable effort. Basically, pick one thing you really want to improve and start really small. The guy used an example of reading a single page a day. The goal is to make it so easy you would feel like a fool for not doing it. Once you get that down for about a week or two, bump it up to two pages. The goal is to do it so consistently, so you build a habit. I would recommend asking yourself what you want to focus on the most and just beginning doing a small version. When you get in the grove of it, add something else. If you have the patience, great things can come of it; hope this helps!
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    ^ To add another example of minimum viable effort and one I did was - When I first started working out I had the easiest setting in my workout app. All it was, was some crunches and pushups. 20 each. That led me to do it every day, as it was that easy.
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    Start off small. Set up a task in an area that you want to focus on (30 mins light workout, some time to write/read a book, play an instrument, do your homework), and make sure that it is relatively easy and that you do it every day, to give yourself the feeling of accomplishment. After that, once you start to go with the flow of the habit, you will begin to increase the intensity/length of the habit, and maybe add other things. It may be tough at first, but once you get going with getting anything productive done, your growth will be exponential.
    Also, I'd recommend you take a minute to meditate/pray early each day, to allow yourself to connect with your mind and set out everything that you're planning on getting done today. Also, have a journal or another method that will help you to reflect on your day.
    (I usually wake up at 6AM and eat breakfast in silence to have my mind focus on what my tasks today are/ also I check an agenda book and pray at night to reflect on how my day went and how I can do better)

    Hope this can be of help!
  5. Yeah man, don't do too much about it in the beginning. Do little things. I started with 5 minutes of cold showers and slowly added things like workout, yoga to it all.

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