How do you deal with sleeplessness at night to resist the urges?

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  1. Pootis

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    Ever since I was very young, I usually not able to sleep well even when I go to bed early. This became very difficult when I discovered fapping in my preteen or teen years. I had urges in mornings too, but going to school on time is my priority.

    I think I'm an insomniac and because I always had trouble sleeping, I get tired and not able to focus in my classes. Plus the urges at night too, I hate them.

    Do you guys or girls have trouble sleeping?
    How do I sleep better at night?
  2. dodoz123

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    Here's what I usually do.
    - Wake up really early like 6 or 7 am. And keep waking up at that time. That way you're allowing your sleep clock to adjust to a normal sleep-wake timing. Also sleep at the same time every day. So maybe like 10-11 pm every night. Your body will adjust itself to this schedule
    - meditate. I usually spend 5 minutes meditating before bed. Oh yeah did I forgot to mention. No tv, laptop or phone an hour before bed. I know it can be hard to do this, but trust me, electronic use before bed will disrupt your sleep
    - go to the gym, this will make you tired and more likely to fall asleep at night. I think best time would be in the morning, however I go in the afternoon cos thats when I have the most energy. I wouldn't reccomend going too late like in the evening because you'll make yourself feel more active and get the blood flowing, which may cause problems sleeping.

    - Take a ZMA supplement, this is zinc magnesium and B vitamins, they help to sleep as well as help you recover physically from all the damage masturbating has done. It helps regulate testosterone as well as improve sperm quality.

    This is all I can think of for now.

    Hope it helps
  3. aaron92

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    If you're having severe sleep problems, then speak to a doctor about it. For minor sleep problems (like the ones I have) you might want to try Kalms sleep, which is quite effective for relaxing you before bedtime.
  4. Echoing what was said already, meditation and exercise. I've picked up both recently and they are changing my life. Start small and build self-discipline over time for the greatest chance of success.

    Start with 5 minutes of just taking a break and thinking about nothing. Basic mindfulness. Slowly increase over time. Same goes for exercise... I started out with p90, an at-home fitness program that takes 30 minutes per day. In conjunction these two things don't take very much time and have the potential to make your life so much better.
  5. Saserman

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    To help with urges while trying to sleep, I sometimes pray in my head (nonreligious people can try meditation).

    Excersising right before you're trying to sleep sounds a bit counter-intuitive to me. But exercise in general really does help with sleep because it tires your body.
  6. -Eaten-

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    How to sleep better:
    -No Caffeine 2-3 hours before bed
    -Use your bed ONLY for sleeping. Don't read in bed before sleeping, no tv, no video games, just sleep in your bed.
    -No stimulation. You want your brain to shut down and go to sleep so don't stimulate it heavily with tv or video games. That's scientific fact plus i can personally say that it's true. In the past i'd stay up late playing Skyrim or BF3 and then try to go to sleep but couldn't because my brain was too awake and running. Also, that can lead to weird dreams. I'd play BF3 and then when i'd finally get to sleep i'd keep playing it in my sleep...i'm surprised i didn't get PTSD or something.
    -Don't stay up late.
    -Some people say that if you're in bed and can't get to sleep, instead of just staying in bed, get up and do something else like the laundry, or drink water, etc. You can't force yourself to sleep if your body doesn't want to.
  7. Pootis

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    Thank you for all your responses. I like the meditating idea and I'll try to limit electronics before going to bed. I used to have a TV in my room, but I'm glad I gave it to my cousin a while ago.

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