How do you deal with this, if anyone when thru this experience?

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    Hello team,

    I been meaning to ask, I get annoyed at noises and conversations in public. Also, I am always uptight with people and their subtle movements like they are up to something and it just freaks me out inside. I don't do these things on purpose but has anyone experience this during your recovery? And does it goes away as you're sobering? I am on day 21 on avoiding pmo but honestly I am currently on working on avoiding fantasizing if that would help me. Thanks.
  2. Well man, maybe this is similar to yours. I used to feel a bit disgusted by people sometimes. I felt triggered by their facial expressions, hands movements, whatever fell outside of "the normal citizen". After I noticed, I started taking them less seriously and thinking "you know what? I can make weirder movements than those". My advice,then,is laugh at it. Or at least accept it. Best luck
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