how do you feel when you help someone?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Zillion, Feb 12, 2019.

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    I wonder of how does it make you feel when you sincerely want to help out needy people. Im not talking about very dramatic kind of help.

    Did you ever help someone in their education or self-development?. like giving some life-changing ideas and advise.

    also let me know what are the other easier yet effective way of helping someone (please avoid money oriented help or services).

    Have ever helped someone (it can be either your friends or siblings), to come out of any troubling event, such as addiction or stress?

    does it make us egoistic when intentionally helping somebody?
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  2. Minsc

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    Here's my quick answer.

    It feels great to help someone, it feels terrible to carry someone.
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  3. I have had some huge breakthroughs myself in helping others when responding to them brings up some great ideas and things I forgot about or needed to see in myself so its a real WIN WIN .It feels good to help but you cannot carry someone but you can lead them to a better perspective its up to the person you talking to if they realy want to change you cannot force it.
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    People they have urgent need of helping others even on their own cost are mostly codependent/people pleasers. It is a great and very valuable trait, but too much of it is sick and not good for the individual. It is happening because the person has mostly experienced trauma in childhood with an arrogant parent and their rewarding circuitry has developed in a way that when they help they will be greatly rewarded (more than other people). I know that this is the same with a normal individual as well, but a normal individual can set up boundaries of where to help and where not as he also protects his own space and emotional balance.

    The person without these boundaries wants to "save the world" and mostly their health is struggling as they are taking too much of other people emotions without caring about their own. Helping people won't make you egoistic if you don't have strong narcissistic traits. But if you had them I don't think you would be helping anybody anyway.
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  5. I get enjoyment out of helping people who are genuinely selfless, kind, hardworking, and ambitious. There are not many of these people, and they make great allies, so it is a win-win situation.

    People who are rude and selfish can go step on a Lego.

    People who are narcissistic and entitled deserve the emotional strife and hatred that they bring upon themselves.
  6. It feels amazing. There is nothing like helping someone achieve a breakthrough in their life. You just have to set boundaries so that you don't become a crutch they constantly lean on for help.
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  7. Yeah- God helps those who help themselves.

    keep fighting

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