How do you fill up your time?

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  1. Hey everyone!
    I have a problem with procrastination. I’m learning to overcome it. I often find myself at home, alone for long periods of time. My friends are busy, and I don’t feel like practicing my instruments. How do you recommend i occupy myself?
    What are some things you do when you’re bored? Any places you like to go?

    Let me hear it! What are your hobbies? I’m open to any ideas!
  2. Infrasapiens

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    Well, I have no internet access at the moment, I have no television either, and I have no PC. I sleep as much as I can to kill time, it may not be a conventional hobby but it is satisfactory.
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  3. Haha, I respect that
  4. entername

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    shit man, good question. i usually play video games or go to the gym, but i find myself alone a lot and bored
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  5. Yeah, my problem too. Not a good place to practice nofap lol
  6. entername

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    here are some things ive been bouncing around in my head but havent taken action on them yet. Occupy your time with:
    -painting while listening to music

    Im on a self improvement journey and from some of the books ive read they say the most important thing is to take action
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  7. The best thing to do is whatever takes you away from your laptop and the phone. Ever since I began my nofap journey, I have been doing housekeeping and organizing my stuff. I intend to move onto reading books from here and get back to playing Age of Empires (my favorite) once I am confident that I won't search for online porn anymore.
  8. That’s awesome. Great idea
  9. I do a lot of reading. I play a couple PC games. And I spend time on here, encouraging others who are on the journey and engaging with my APs! :)
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  10. There is a reason behind suggesting video games. Many people are not successful in their nofap journey because they keep focusing on eliminating PMO. However, if you try and focus on eliminating the time that your spend on PMO (by reading, exercising, playing video games) you are able to stay strong longer. That's just my perspective. The time that I am spending writing and responding to messages here is the time that I am taking away from PMO. :)
  11. wuuzap22

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    Exactly! The goal here is to abstain from PMO. If video games keep you busy and occupied so that you don´t PMO, by all means, do it. Go play some.
    Surely you could use your fap-free-time more productively, but everything tha keeps you from relapsing is fine by me.
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  12. I’m teaching myself guitar and singing, so any spare time I go to that. I’m training martial arts now so I do that about 5 times a week and I juggle that with the gym. Spare time I cook food and I read books and do research on stuff. Find a topic you like and start researching it. I’m interested in mental health so pretty much all of the above helps myself with mental health and I want to study it too.
  13. itsoverformanymen

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  14. Weekdays pretty busy with work. Weekends I'm off

    Sunday - church if I can't make it, I watch it on YouTube

    I wouldn't say I'm a social butterfly by any means. Few acquaintances

    I like to draw, paint and do art in my free time I guess
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  15. Things that generally take up my free time:

    - cleaning/organizing (I put on some bluetooth headphones and listen to YouTube videos or audiobooks while I clean the house)
    - reading
    - writing
    - making/editing YouTube videos
    - watching TV/YouTube

    That's really about it... at least on a regular basis. Every once in a while other things come up.
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  16. Xargs

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    I often do the following things to fill up my time:

    - Learning my favorite language (I take a language test of it, and feel I always have to do this, because If I didn't do it, I would probably get a bad mark on the certificate)
    - Reading something and giving my opinions on NoFap (just like this one)
    - Talking with my friends
    - Sometimes, fixing bugs in an open source software org
    - Cleaning my house
    - Biking (to get outside and pumping more blood to my brain and get some sunlight) sometimes, I carry trash with me so I can dump it at a time
    - Meditating
    - Taking an online academy course
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  17. I actually have this same challenge. I encourage you to make a commitment to someone you look up to .... who would make you uncomfortable if you fail. Ask them to be your AP in that task. Then try to do the activity you are failing at.

    Don’t just fill up your time to where you aren’t dealing with the main issue.

    Also—I have found dealing with basic triggers for pMo helps dealing with procrastination. Sleep , hunger, anger, etc. don’t forger those.
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  18. drac16

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    I like reading books on religion. Right now I'm reading through the Bible for the third time. I still have a book about Krishna that I need to get through, but, like you, I procrastinate. :p

    Other than that, I like to go for walks. I live near a forest and a river and they're gorgeous. There's a lot of great places to stop and pray or meditate. It's very relaxing. :D
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  19. Souvent08

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    You must do things that’s give you pleasure so that in a way you are substituting PMO with something productive. For me that is, reading a good book (start with the classics), meditation, learn/grow a new skill (like playing the guitar), watch a movie, exercise, socialize (join a group), work on my faith.
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  20. Dave G 123

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    I like to noodle around on my PRS! Had it for a year, best guitar I've ever had.
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