How do you find a girlfriend if nobody likes you?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by zxcv, Jun 21, 2020.

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    You're probably not masculine enough or afraid of women, girls don't feel that vibe from you if you didn't have any in 32 years.

    But honestly you don't need women, sex still drain you like pmo , celibacy is powerful believe it or not you can achieve a lot when you focus on yourself, lift weights maybe... for you to feel like a man not for women, find your purpose in life (it's not pointless sex with women).

    Any relationship will not last long term if you're not happy with yourself , you need to love yourself, being happy alone is freedom most people depends on others
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    [it seems like girls don't like me or show any sign or hint of having any interest in me][/QUOTE]
    You shouldn't look for girlfriends. Girls look should look for you. This must be the mindset. Try it.
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    For some time, I've been trying and consciously not chase women. Believe you and me, I feel better for doing that. If you just mind your own business and not go looking for women. They're more than likely to come to you.

    They're not worth chasing, and it reeks of desperation. Women have a sixth sense when they see or sense a guy is desperate. Concentrate and invest time, energy and your emotions on yourself. Making yourself a better person, for example. The bottom line is that you should NEVER depend on someone else for your happiness.
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  4. Busy guys who are focused on making themselves better men are going to eventually meet a great girl or more... The rest will meet lots of girls who think you are awesome. As a friend. Which is great if you are not harboring any feelings beyond friendship. But once you start lusting for her, get out of there. It's a waste of time and energy. Jerking off is better than wishing Sally Wonderful would fall in love with you.
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    OP how many women have you had sex with? (non hookers)
  6. So many bro advice :D
    Btw OP you didn't say much about yourself so whether there is something wrong with you or not is anybody's guess.
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    Improve yourself, while also being social. Instead of waiting for hints from women, make your intentions clear. If u get rejected, no big deal. Eventually you'll strike a match.
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    When was the last time you really fell for a girl, and pursued her enthusiastically? Because I suspect that you are not doing anything wrong. I suspect that you are doing nothing.

    You should ask more than zero girls out on dates, yes. It shouldn't be hard to get a date. Don't wait until you meet the girl you want to marry. But don't waste the time of someone you have no interest in, either. Anywhere between the two extremes is fine.

    And you will get rejected. A lot. Learn to accept it and move on. It might not feel like it at the time, but it is better to ask and for her to say no than be forever wondering 'what if I had asked her?' It doesn't mean you are pathetic to ask and get turned down - it means you are brave!
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