How do you grow houseplants?

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    For example, I аt the moment I am doing vertical farming. For those who do not know what it is I will explain. It is a form of growing plants on growing trays arranged vertically in a controlled indoor environment. But in a city it's hard to keep running costs to a minimum, but using TerraBloom fans, which you can buy on this site can help you save 50 to 80% on energy costs compared to AC motor based fans.
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  2. A colleague of mine once wanted to grow tomatoes at home. They almost died, because the earth she used was way too saturated with water, it was claylike-earth if that makes sense to you, so very small particles - what am I talking about - anyways, the problem was there was too much water and the plant was in one of those ikea pots that did not have any holes for the excess water to flow out of. I told her that - I only knew because my mom told me - but she was stubborn. One day she was gone and two of my other flatmates and I changed the pot and ultimately saved the plant. After one or two weeks the plant was alright. Kinda made me feel closer to that tomato-plant...
  3. Yeah I get plants from my mom, she's a florist. She also knows that I don't really have a green thumb so I only get the toughest plants that exist, so far I managed to kill two of them :emoji_sunglasses:

    Edit: I also killed a cactus once, just sayin'
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    It is important to sow at the right times of the year.
    Most houseplants are sown in spring. The favorable period for planting is usually indicated on the seed package. When did you sow your plants?

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