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How do you guys spend your free time?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by NewGeorge, May 3, 2019.

  1. Hello fellow fapstronauts!

    I am currently preparing for some important exams and I spend most of my days studying, however I don't really find anything interesting and relaxing to do during study breaks or when I finish studying for the day (usually 8-9 p.m.) besides reading from time to time. Yeah some may have guessed it I used to fap during the breaks before, but now I'm trying to find some new activities, preferably not video games or mindless surfing youtube/facebook/instagram etc.

    I don't really have hobbies because you know, i used only to fap, and I'm looking for something to avoid boredom. I looked up the internet and only found shitty ideas and I was wondering how do you guys enjoy this free time you got? I'd be glad to find some suggestions here!
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  2. Bombadil

    Bombadil Fapstronaut

    What is this 'free time' of which you speak? What is its purpose?

    OK. Seriously though... Things I have done, want to do, or still do:
    • Learn a musical instrument, join a band, sing in a choir
    • Go on long walks and find exciting secret places
    • Have a social life
    • Learn to do something cool (make stuff, code, magic tricks, home brew, paint, draw, carve. ..)
    • Go to the gym (though watch out for triggers)
    • Learn to cook something epic
    • Read fiction
    • Play board games (no, not monopoly, go to boardgamegeek for inspiration)
    • Write a book
    • Take up a new sport
    Does this help?
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  3. seekagoodlife

    seekagoodlife Fapstronaut

    • Sports by yourself
    • Read self improvement books
    • Go out with friends
    • Enjoy life
    • Sleep more
    • Build things
    • Draw or paint
    • Write
  4. SuckMyKiss

    SuckMyKiss Fapstronaut

    I study and take smoke breaks. Don' recommend if you are not already smoking.
  5. something new everyday, get out of your comfort zone live life
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  6. drac16

    drac16 Fapstronaut

    I pray, meditate, read my Bible and other religious books. Right now I'm making my way through the Havamal, which is a sacred text to Norse pagans. Moreover, I like to watch hockey on TV. My favourite team [the Leafs] got eliminated from the playoffs, but I enjoy watching other teams play. I also like to walk through cemeteries; it's peaceful and it reminds me of the fact that life is precious, because I could die at any time.
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  7. ssha6451

    ssha6451 Fapstronaut

    I mostly exercise.
    I do alot of running, hiking, soccer and tennis.
    I feel it lets out the pent up stress.
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  8. seekagoodlife

    seekagoodlife Fapstronaut

    Doing sports is definitely one of your best friends during your reboot, along with meditating and taking cold showers. Physical activity makes your body release endorphine (which will make you euphoric, or overall just happy with yourself), serotonin (associated with a clear thinking -so the opposite of brain fog- and happiness) and dopamine (the hormone of motivation, the same hormone as in PMO, but here its from a healthy activity, which is what changes everything). It helps your brain rewire to having sources of pleasure from things that he might've forgotten.
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  9. Infrasapiens

    Infrasapiens Fapstronaut

  10. Cornixico

    Cornixico Fapstronaut

    Some of my hobbies are:

    Language learning (currently Spanish), it's so useful and the buzz you get from having even a basic conversation with a native speaker is so addictive.

    Juggling. I learnt the basics of juggling with 3 balls when I was 12, but now I'm trying to improve and add tricks to my juggling skills. Also it's very therapeutic, a great way to focus the mind on one thing, I often just juggle (no tricks) to think things over.

    Surfing: I got into this when I lived by the sea in Cornwall, England. It's not a feasible hobby if you don't live near a good surfing spot, but if you do, it's a great sport. Once once you get the kit, a surfboard and a wetsuit (if it's cold water) is really all you need. It is a big learning curve but if you start with a longboard (8foot or more) you'll have a better chance of catching waves and will improve quickly. Also if it's a popular surf spot, usually they'll be places where you can have lessons and rent equipment for a day.

    Some hobbies that I'd like to start doing some time in the future:

    How to identify different trees and plants, I think this is a lost art in our modern world and wouldn't it be great to know what type of tree it is just by looking at it.

    Cycling/mountain biking. Now that I live more inland away from the sea, I can't feasibly go surfing as much as I'd like so I want to start another solo sport, and I just love the journey element of cycling.

    Hiking. Another journey type activity, great for me because I live in a mountainous area now.

    Drawing. Something I did alot as a kid, so I'd like to pick it up again.

    Learn guitar. Something I've always wanted to do, and a basic guitar is fairly cheap.

    Magic tricks, card tricks. This I think would be great at parties especially card tricks. Great way to break the ice.

    Some sort of team sport, but one that is not super popular. I think I'm too old to start being good at football or rugby. But I'm thinking maybe bowling or curling.

    A martial art.
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  11. Sleepingbadger

    Sleepingbadger Fapstronaut

    Mostly I read novels, play guitar, run, hike, cycle and pet my cat. Sometimes when I'm lazy I tend to play some video games, watch tv-series or just listen to some music. Cleaning up the house isn't bad either but after a long day of studying I don't always feel like it.
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  12. D.T.1989

    D.T.1989 Fapstronaut

    On my free time, I like to spend time with my woman, in addition to weight lifting on a regular basis.

    Outside of that, I also like cycling a lot, being outdoors, and discovering new places.
  13. hardowner

    hardowner Fapstronaut

  14. Gym and walking, pretty much. Hangin out with friends. I need to develop more of a social life.
  15. Hanuman's disciple

    Hanuman's disciple New Fapstronaut

    I would say read around the subjects you are learning in a none stressful and no expectation kind of way. For example if you are studying physics then you can research the lifestyles of the physicists you are learning and how they lived life. Maybe read what they got inspiration from. No expectation to finish a whole book in old English but get the mind juices flowing.

    If you are wondering whether you might mindlessly go on YouTube or social media, write down what you want to watch the day before and then watch it either early in the morning or at a library. When you write it down you have a day to think it through and see if it worth your time. I would recommend watching a longer video like a documentary so that you build your focus and you are not scrolling through feed.
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  16. Awedouble

    Awedouble Fapstronaut

    Study the nature of time? Or study the causal relationships of how each part of whatever subject works - like rebooting. There are periods of time when different things happen in the process, so understanding that allows us to deal with things more skillfully than just thinking in terms X number of hours or days to do stuff.

    I work full time but the details of the science, philosophy and practice are really interesting to me.
  17. Read books: Finished new thinking by Dagogo Altraide yesterday.

    Listen to a lot of music: My Playlist almost has 60 songs

    Practice typing. I incresead my speed from low 40s to mid 70s in 2 months.

    I watch Anime from time to time also
  18. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

  19. properWood

    properWood Fapstronaut

    What you are talking about is called leisure, when you give your self license (both words have the same root) to do whatever you want to do.

    My leisure time is spent with:
    - learning new concepts (eg what addiction is, why a plant based diet is and why should I care, philosophy - mostly lectures on youtube)
    - walks, long walks, alone with my thoughts or listening to podcasts
    - cooking just because I enjoy it
    - reading a book
    - driving to a forest and taking photos of odd shaped trees or interesting lights
    - masturb... no, that’s the past

    Many people consider free time to be spent with ‘shallow entertainment’: Netflix, porn, stupid TV shows, going shopping... those activities are not going to develop your skills at all.
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  20. Anonymous86

    Anonymous86 Fapstronaut

    What about a good quality movie or television show? That's not always considered, 'shallow entertainment'. I know what you mean though.

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