How do you improve your consistence?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Liminal, Mar 19, 2021.

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    In general, when learning something, I tend to be very intrested in whatever I'm trying to learn during the first few days, but then I just start to stray away from whatever I was trying to learn, it's like my subcounscious actively tries to find excuses to keep me away from learning whatever I was trying to learn. I'm tired of just starting stuff and quitting it. So, what is a way to be consistant, no matter what, and just you know, get it done, from the beginning to the very end without detours or distractions or excuses, how can you achieve maximum consistence in goals and self discipline in life?
  2. The real answer, just do it.
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    Rationalize witch habits keep you away from self education. Why do you 'stray' away? When found out; what can you do to thange it? It is important to relfect and think for yourself on how you can improve. Improve every day a little extra and your self esteem would reward you with more gratefulness.
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