How do You Know You're Rebooted?

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  1. I've heard of people who've gone 3 month or 6 month or even a year and end up relapsing again? How do you know when you're truly free from the addiction? I once heard someone say that the day he starts to think he'll never relapse will be the day he'll end up relapsing. Personally, I've sometimes thought I was done with porn but then a few days later I relapse. Is it dangerous to ever think we're completely free? When I get on a streak I get scared I'll end up relapsing because of my past relapses.
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    That depends pretty much on your goals. Most of the people are doing this to cure ED, so they can easily tell.

    I don't have such problems but I am tired of wasting this precious human life. I am not a lab rat, I can chose to do better things instead of watching porn and thanks to neuroplasticity I can actually rewire my brain,

    I will always be addicted to porn,masturbation, gaming and internet. I can control the time spent on the internet, but I can't moderate my masturbation and gaming addictions.

    So, why are you doing this? When will you know you are "cured" ?
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  3. Veronico

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    You are rebooted when you don't have any urges to watch porn videos or sexual videos.
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    Right now I am operating under the assumption that the temptation is ALWAYS going to be there. I am just working toward being strong enough to ignore it every single time. Right now it is a matter of refocusing my attention internally. I expect to keep consciously doing that every time until it becomes automatic.
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    When you watch a trigger and/or have cravings for porn and you are like.

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    I assume it's like any other major addiction (like alcohol). The temptations and paths to dopamine highs will always be there. It's more about when you can easily avoid them and P no longer controls your needs.
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    Breaking this addiction means that we can live without it, it doesn't control us anymore. So for the question of if we're ever completely free, yes we are EVERYDAY we go without it.
    . . . Is it dangerous to think that we are completely Free (permanently)? Yes it is, because we let our guards down and take risks that make us PMO.
    . . . The point is that we are human beings, we have sexual urges; it is physiologically normal. So, even if we stop PMO for a long time, it doesn't remove those urges from us. We need to actively keep putting this habit away from us and it will gradually get easier to say no, but never completely free.

    Because unlike cocaïne where an addiction can be put away forever, PMO feeds on urges that we are physiologically programmed to obey to sooner or later - sexual urge. So as long as we're humans, we want to orgasm, and our brain knows it's easier to PMO to get it.

    Just keep saying no, trust me it gets easier.
    Don't lose motivation.
    Actively reject this habit everyday, you'll be fine.

    And remember it's about the journey not the destination! Good luck
  8. this is exactly how it is and should be
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    We will always be addicted to PMO. The key is to heal from the addiction:

    1) Managing the addiction
    2) Healed all PIED symptoms
    3) Doing natural sex with a girl

    True healing will be when you no longer think about PMO addiction. You just don't do it anymore and move on with your life, not even check this website.

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