How do you let a girl know that you are not interested in her

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by jipsikid, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. jipsikid

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    She always keeps insisting that we should go to dinner, hang out, go to a parties, she always texts me first, flirts with me, etc. Im not really interested in her because she is not my type and she is in a higher position than me at the office where we both work at (that makes her my boss). So any tips on letting her know im not into her without beign mean. Sorry for my english.
  2. Poseidon

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    Mention your girlfriend a lot when you’re around her (even if you don’t have one).
  3. Runtilmylegsdropoff

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    Tell her you're not into vaginas and hopefully she gets your drift.
  4. Lmao, mention you have a boyfriend. Double whammy.
  5. Poseidon

    Poseidon Fapstronaut

    That’s even better :p
  6. As a female, just tell her straight up you're not interested in her. Dont brother lying to her because if the truth comes out it might bite you back in the ass someday.

    If I fancied a man and went after him I would want him to be blunt with me even if it hurts me so I can get over him and move on. If you sent her mixed messages she might never leave you alone.
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  7. Usually I'm all for the direct approach when it comes to talking about relationships but if she's your boss I would probably mention another girl you are interested in. That way she, at least in my mind, wouldn't totally be let down knowing that your still good friends and that's it. Ultimately it is your decision, it is just my personal experience that lying never leads anywhere good.
  8. I would say just tell her the truth. A girl who isn't intrested in you would do no different. I once had a girl who kept harassing me to date her in middle school. I threw a shoe at her head. Try it in a pinch, it works every time!
  9. Gotham Outlaw

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    Tell her you have a girlfriend even if you don't. This will work fine unless she knows that you don't. If she knows your single then tell her you're not interested in dating anyone right now (or at least no one from work).
  10. Ub3rT1m3

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    If you're a man of integrity, you'll be honest with her and simply say you don't see her as anything other than as a friend.

    Usually that should be enough. But in the unlikely event she needs more of an explanation just be blunt and tell her whatever it is. Presumably you're not physically attracted right? So you just say she isn't your type. Simple.
  11. Bosephus

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    Get a new job! Lol if it were reversed it would be classified as sexual harassment.
  12. JustinX

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    Tell her "I am not interested in you".
    If she somehow doesnt understand tell her "Go fck yourself".
    No need to overcomplicate it. Works like charm every time.
  13. Lying to your boss about having a girlfriend will backfire. If she finds out you lied, she'll start to wonder if you lie about work/job related issues too. Just be upfront and honest. There's no reason to be mean or crush her, but be simple and straight and avoid leaving the door open for her with phrases like "I'm not interested right now" or "Let's just hang out and not rush into anything" etc.
  14. Ub3rT1m3

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    What I'm doing with this girl right now is saying I'm quite busy (which is true ) but also suggesting that I'm not particularly interested in using any free time I do have to make plans with her. They have to get the 'hint' eventually... Don't they?

    Remember that you don't owe anything to this person. She has probably used the exact same method to repel guys she wasn't interested in.
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  15. Pastoress

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    A short and sweet "no thank you" to offers and a quick return to the work at hand is an efficient way to keep boundaries without overcomplicating it.
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  16. MetaGame

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    Um well there are two ways to do it. 1. SUE HER FOR SEXUAL HARASSMENT WEEE MONEYYYY Jk jk ... lol Um if I were you I would ignore it. And if its not to the point where u need to ask for advice about it.

    If it were me. I would patronize her. Actually have a meal with her. Although for anyone else htat might be putting urself in deeper lol. But i would have a meal with her and tell her I am dating in general now. And you aren't trying to be involved with anyone unless its certainly the best move and easy. And work and ur life complicates that but u thought u would have a nice dinner anyway.

    U can do that or minus the dating/dinner part. But it sounds like u might be just a lil sensitive to some office harassment ... which sounds douchey by itself but I am saying the risks of confronting it may not be worth the peace u get after. Cuz u cant be sure that is something u want to interfere with if it does not need to be interfered with.

    I mean of course if shes crossing a line. Tell her. But if she isnt then u dont need to jump across the line and push her lol.
  17. “I’m flattered that you want to go out. But I am not interested in dating my boss.”
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  18. Well tell her that you just had a vison and want to be a priest HaHa . Seriously your in a tough spot what you can say is that your trying to work things out with you ex girlfriend who you love. If that don't work give her an excuses I used to here from women and have seen to many times - tell her you just got out of a relationship and would just like your space and am not interested in seeing anyone you need time to recover from it,
    it can be tough since its a work situation but if you drop some hints that you are still in love with an ex she should get the hint

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