How do you meditate?

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    Hey, I've seen a fair bit of stuff going on lately about how good meditation is on NoFap and how it translates sexual energy or some shit. I don't know how to meditate, do I close my eyes and imagine stuff, what's the most effective way of mediating on NoFap?
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  3. Mushybrain98

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    I read somewhere that NoFap won't work if you don't meditate
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    Very simple - feel the urge and don't act on it. Watch it come and go, know it's temporary. It's something you have to do and not that much learning about it.
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    Thank God that it’s temporary. That’s what always helps me with dealing with my urges.
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    Imagine if someone figured out their urges go away in 42 minutes. Not as fast as the number of seconds with the Equalizer or something, but I think that would be pretty awesome. And that's information you can use, like if you can occupy yourself that long then you're set. Waiting it out, or meditating during the whole thing would be sort of a hard core thing to do then.
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    Hi, well it is useful for me to meditate using the guided meditations on youtube. There i can search for one and i put the theme of the meditations: for example "meditación autoestima" "meditación del perdón" ("self esteem meditation", "forgiveness meditation"). Hope you have a nice day. Only if you want tell me how it was for you
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    traductor de Google
    Descarga libro "iniciando el camino" para correctamente.

    Hay dos formas de meditar, concentración o observación. Para iniciar primero "concentración". Debes llevar la conciencia ( no la imagen) al ombligo y un poco mas abajo. Ese es el primer paso. Recomiendo leer ese libro.


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    For me, the point of meditation is to slow everything down to a crawl. Sometimes we think too much. Meditation is a way in which you stop thinking too much and lose consciousness of all that's going on around you. Yes, there are responsibilities in life, but when you meditate, the point is that you live in the moment and stop worrying. For me, it's more or less a breathing exercise.

    Simply concentrate on breathing in and out. When you have that under control, visualize energy from your chest arising to your forehead and ejecting through the crown of your head. If you do this for, let's say 10-15 minutes, you will reach a state in which you are exclusively thinking about your breathing; you will stop the worry about whatever it is that was on your mind before.

    Moreover, meditation can relax your body quite a bit, so that's another reason to do it. One does not have to be spiritual to benefit from meditation-- even atheists and agnostics can do it and have good results. :)
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    Many users here do indeed use mediation, specifically Vipassana Meditation, me being one as well. The reason many of us use this, and especially this particular type, is that it creates a greater awareness of our thoughts, intentions, and ourselves in different situations and contexts.

    And that's important because during a reboot there are many triggers which happen without us fully realizing it until we've crossed the point of no return, or close to it. There are many situations which may seem relatively benign and innocuous, because they don't involve porn or masturbation in themselves, but will nonetheless lead to the point of a relapse if they are indulged in over time.

    A phrase you'll see on occasion is that a "relapse happens first in the mind" meaning that we start to indulge in thinking and fantasizing, or just let go of the will to maintain a porn sober mindset. With both my previous long streaks, I realized that I relapsed weeks prior to actually engaging in PMO itself.

    But with meditation, you gain a greater understanding of how your mind works, and what is needed to avoid a relapse and maintain a porn sober mind. Meditation also builds a mental toughness to be able to fight and deflect off fantasies with greater resiliency, and not giving into intrusive thoughts, sexually related or otherwise.

    There are many different types of meditation. Here is a good resource on different types which links out to more information in each type. Like I said, I used Vipassana, but have also used in the recent past a tantric form (not sexual though) of concnetration meditation which focuses on a completely void universe; it's pretty effective but not easy. And may years ago, I read this book on Mindfulness and meditation which is really still the core of my practice.

    Finally, I keep this link as a good reminder. It's from a closed reddit thread from a user who stayed PMO free for over a year and how he went about doing it, how he used meditation, and how it all works. It's definitely very motivating.

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