How do you mention somebody?

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Supermarron, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. Supermarron

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    I need to mention group leader name by @gleader, when I finished the challenge. How do I mention gleader so that he will put me on hall of fame?
  2. kayesem

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    I was looking for this also. I think it's called tagging someone. Saves room compared to quoting and still alerts the person.
  3. Survivalist

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    Use the @ sign followed by the member's name. A dropdown list will show up with possible names and you get to choose the person you want to mention.
  4. kayesem

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  6. kayesem

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    @IGY Yeah, start small, or not at all. I think it starts out with 7 days and builds up to 100 day challenges.

    Beats the hall of shame for being stuck on zero weeks. If I was in my late teens, I would struggle a lot to hit 14 days, let me tell you!
  7. Roady

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    Our most kind and encouraging member :)
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  9. Immature

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    ME TOO! I CAN'T imagine doing this at that age. Except: The stakes are so much greater: It's their whole lives ahead of them that they are fighting for! So much better to fight this at 18 or 23, than to look back at 62 and wonder what might have been.
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    @Immature Yeah boi.

    My life would be so different, I cannot imagine. I am just grateful to have realised eventually. I am 32, and I just think, don't give in to that shit feeling of thinking i am old. A 64 year old must look at me the same way I see 16 year olds now. Crazy little whipper snapper! Woot!
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