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  1. I think it's unlikely anyone here will agree with everything she says but how do you respond to the benefits she lists.

    I find it interesting she seems to think the media is anti porn and then I've seen members here seem to think the media is pro porn. Maybe we just think the media is against us no matter what we believe.

    Anyway I think she makes a great point about the importance of education and I agree people shouldn't be shamed. But I disagree about these so called benefits.

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  2. Nomar

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    She is delusional. “Porn is a great way to relax and take care of stress after a long hard day of work” yeah it’s also a great way to run away from your problems and escape into fantasy land. The media is against porn? In general the media is obsessed with lust! She is full of shit. There’s no good in this video.
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  3. Kenzi

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    What is she, like 16?
    And proporn?
    So... Until she has a first love or relationship that completely tanks because of PIED and her self esteem takes a shit because she becomes the third wheel or she can't get aroused with a partner...
    She isn't going to think it's a problem.
    Until then... It's all fun, right?
  4. Ongoingsupport

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    I need a real reason to spend 5 minutes of my time watching some random person talk about it.

    I'm sorry but listing benefits is itself a stupid approach, a list doesn't give you CONTEXT. But you can't easily and quickly explain that to someone coming from that simply minded "reasoning." Grasping the concept of how inductive reasoning works might be a good place to start.

    "The media" is also way too vague, as is black and white anti/pro though of course I understand it is a generalization of the trend. What people do not understand and consider is media in the sense of the channel of communication rather than content, like is it TV, internet, radio etc. Those are taken as a given and focus is only on the content. In that case, it's not anti or pro anything, it's that there is a bias in its very nature.

    "Our conventional response to all media, namely that it is how they are used that counts, is the numb stance of the technological idiot. For the 'content' of a medium is like the juicy piece of meat carried by the burglar to distract the watchdog of the mind. . .The effects of technology do not occur at the level of opinions or concepts, but alter sense ratios or patterns of perception steadily and without any resistance. The serious artist is the only person able to encounter technology with impunity, just because he is an expert aware of the changes in sense perception."

    -- Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media
  5. I learned something new after watching that. Thanks for sharing Surf. Lol how can she say education is the way to combat problems with porn when she didn't adress any problems with watching it. This video is nothing but rhetoric with no evidence and a bias babbling wanker who just happens to be the embassador of a sexual health charity.
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  6. Thanks. Like i needed to see this video posted here but thx for saving me the trouble mate.
  7. Double thx. Well said I couldn't have said it better!
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  8. Whoa the deep end eh? I would like to see you on your best day sir! Ty
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  9. I don't think anything as I did not click play.
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  10. MLMVSS

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    Meth makes people work harder. With that, let's all do meth, and let's ignore the MASSIVE negativities of it.

    Same thing right here with porn.

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  11. Les do it.
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  12. Robbiebob

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    Ho come on! Give me a break... Let's all look at porn and wank ourselves like no more tomorrow... How can she say that as a off the cuff thing... Well.. She obviously hasn't lived life hasn't she... Silly twit!!!
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  13. Okay, well first off @Surfing Poet , you are asking this on nofap and are only going to get negative responses. Also, sidenote, I like your username.

    Secondly, she was right about one thing. Putting restrictions on porn won't do much, if anything at all.

    But overall she has no clue what she's talking about. She's just stating her opinion, but with no self experience or research (which is fine I guess, people do this on the regular).

    One thing is her benefits aren't necessarily wrong. I don't agree with the lgbt and "finding your self-expression" bs. It DOES help you unwind after a stressful day. But notice how all her benefits are short-term. Porn does these things but it's not worth it, imo. I wouldn't wish pied on my worst enemy.
  14. Dake1963

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    I am increasingly thinking that porn is a little bit like alcohol. A lot of people can use them moderately and have fun with no issues, but with some people (like me) it becomes a problem because I just like them too much and it tends to take over everything else.
  15. Thanks, nice to know you like my username. I expected a negative response I was just curious as to see how people would respond.
  16. I don't believe she's delusional exactly. She acknowledges that porn has negatives to it and I also agree with her about educating people about sex and stuff. If you woke up the next day as an addict and there was no more porn left in the world you might panic, and do something stupid. So I think that educating people is a better approach, even though it doesn't guarantee anything if carried out effectively there could be some change. But ultimately it's your decision they're just educating you about it.

    She also doesn't really frame or mention porn as an addiction. We're all here because we are addicted. This video scratches the surface of porn and seems to appeal to her target audience. So she doesn't really feel a need to go into what porn actually does to people who become addicted to it. Or she doesn't want to acknowledge that porn is worse than everyone believes. Also her whole channel is based around sex and relationships so I guess she's trying to keep a positive vibe? I feel like she's trying to say it's okay to watch porn every so often. But even if she is aiming to appeal to people and encouraging them to use it in moderation, some may manage but some will probably get addicted and the long term consequences will come. It feels like too innocent of a video to harp on, she's said a few things but she hasn't said enough I'd say. And yeah I agree with @wethebest there is focus on short term and not on long term but long term is what matters with porn. Just understand she isn't a professional, she is a youtuber and this is part of her channel.

    For some of the benefits
    • Yeah I agree it is arousing that's more of a fact though.
    • It can be relaxing yes. It was more relaxing for me in my earlier days of PMO, now expecially that I found nofap, it's a lot more guilt and self-loathing than relaxing.
    • You can discover what you like, I don't know about this one. My tastes are porn induced (I'm into bondage btw), I feel like something like my tastes could be used in a fun way in a future relationship. But at my stage, I'm pretty worried about keeping it in my life. I'm too attached to it to want the extremities I've developed. I would have much rather not had this in my life than for it to escalate as much as it has. So I'm not sure if it's right to say we've always had desires like this and we're 'discovering' it with porn
    • Porn can benefit your relationships. Eh. I did say it above, it can be a fun thing to do with my fetish. But honestly I just think it will feed the addiction. When I don't have my partner close to do it with I'd just turn to porn.
    • Sex with yourself is less hassle than with somebody else. No no, this is the only definite no for me. Regardless of her intentions saying this, this right here could be the reason some little lonely kid gets addicted. Yeah why not just fuck myself rather than fucking someone else. Just continue to love myself no harm done, and no one gets hurt. Fast forward, they actually can't find someone and they continue doing it. They may not even realize they are addicted until it's too late.
    But with everything I've said, talking about only the benefits of something means the goal is focussed on appreciation, acceptance and encouragement etc. For that, I feel like she's the one who needs to be more educated and also less ignorant of such a serious long term issue.
  17. Must say it's impressive @RayZ that you took the time to consider what she had to say with an open mind. I pretty much agree with you. One of my major disagreements with what she said was about porn helping people to discover what they like. I think it can cause people to get into stuff they wouldn't of got into in the first place.

    I did a search and she did a video about the negative side of porn as well. She doesn't come out completely condemning every aspect of it but she does acknowledge it can damage a person and their relationships.

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  19. Is this a video response thread? Can I please ask for a response to this one? Thanks guys!

  20. Shapirous

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    Porn is trash.
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