How does it feel? - sex with SO after reboot

Discussion in 'Partner Support' started by Hotpotts, Oct 9, 2017.

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    Hi guys, would really love some feedback!
    My SO suffers from DE.
    We are in our mid forties and have been together seven years. I love him deeply and I know deep down he thinks the world of me. We have had some really deep intimate physical moments but I feel that he is scared to fall in love with me.
    I believe though, he has never experienced a loving physical relationship without PMO in the background. He first lived with someone when he was 35.
    Can you guys explain the difference in your sex lives with your SO since quitting PMO? Or maybe jist quitting MO ( I have told him Im here for him ANYTIME he feels the need!)
    Maybe it would give him some motivation to stop altogether rather than just cut down.
    Thanks in advance
  2. I actually didn't think too much about stopping PMOing until I started using this site. PMO was a habit which I thought was normal, more or less, as long as I didn't do too much of it.

    I must have been ready in my life to wean myself off of PMO. At least I had enough awareness to think it was something worth doing. After abstaining more and more my interest in having sex with my wife has definitely increased. Don't know if your SO is aware of this site, and/or how motivated he is to give abstaining from porn a try. It's something a person has to think is worth doing.
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    I'm going to send you a PM as I'm I want to go into detail :)
  4. Our sex life has improved greatly, however, beware of the chaser effect after sex with your spouse. I experience this often after longer periods of time between sex. Less than 24 hours after I experience heavy temptation to P&M.
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  5. "SO" means "significant other", in other words your lover (who might also be your spouse).
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    Thanks for helping out here. Sorry if that was inapproprite. I just didn't know what that was !
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    Oh, Thanks for helping out.

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