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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by angelpart, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. angelpart

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    How does it feel to click with someone ? When you find out that you both like each other and start hanging out a lot ?

    I've never experienced this, it was never mutual for me, so I'm not sure how this feels. When I get a crush on someone I tend to feel sad because it's not mutual and then it's just a lot of emotional pain whenever I'm in the person's presence or when I talk to her. So I end up avoiding this person because I feel that any interaction is just going to be more painful.

    Is that something that other people experience too ? Or have my feelings been transformed into something negative over the years ?

    I realize I asked two questions in this post, I'd like to hear people's thoughts on both.
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  2. Free your mind

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    I had brief moments of clicking with someone lol... It is...something we live for.
    Unfortunately, those moments didn't last for me.
    And in most cases it isnt mutual.
    But still Im hoping to find the right one.:)

    Btw, congrats on 210 days..thats impressive!
  3. p1n1983

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    is awsome.

    You just have a blast together, go out on date and kiss.. hugh.. have sex. After a couple of months you are hanging out multiple times a week. maybe she ask you that she wants you just for her or ask you to be her boyfriend. You will know it when she make the same effort as you (or even more) to be together.

    If you never had good experience with girls you can grow this kind of feelings. They are just feelings and a reflection of your past. Today you can take action and make yourself more apealing to girl and start to have good experienes and stop feeling this way. Is all up to you. Work hard on improving yourself and you will get rewarded for it eventually.
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    I don’t know what that’s like either. I’m not going to be with someone just because. I’m not going to bare my soul to just anyone. People who do that much really have a connection, because I wouldn’t ever do it otherwise. Seems rare to me.
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  5. It only happened once with me. It felt amazing. But we couldn't be together. That was the worst pain ever
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  6. It’s completely amazing and unlike anything else to be honest and I’m hoping this person is the one.

    But I’ve also experienced the one-sidedness of being the only person with feelings for the other and that sucks. What’s even worse is when you didn’t realize that you both had feelings for each other at the same time, but you were too afraid to speak up, and then someone else swoops in and asks that person out. Been there too.
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