How effective is meditation?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by DaddyFatSac, Dec 11, 2018.

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    I’m obsessed with the idea of developing discipline in my mind and emotions. I’ve heard great things about meditation and I’ve begun using the headspace app every morning. I’ve felt a sense of peace within my mind but from someone else’s experience with it for the long term, how is it? Is it all the hype everyone makes it out to be? Any noticeable changes after weeks or even months of doing meditation every day? I’d love to hear your feedback
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    Meditation has been the most life-changing gift in my life.

    I highly suggest looking into doing 10 days of silent meditation under Goenka for free - has many centers around the world and I have been there multiple times.

    It will revolutionize your experience of life and change the entire trajectory of your incarnation.

    I just came from a 30 days of service and meditation and I did a facebook live about this topic happy to share it with you

    1. Insight into the nature of our existence in an experiential way
    2. building massive self-discipline
    3. Experiencing total silence.
    4. developing/discovering high concentration as a tool to explore reality with
    5. new community of people who are on the path to support me and I can relate to
    6. overall empowerment and peace of mind

    I have also greatly benefited from Alan Watts talks about meditation and his guided meditations.

    As well as books such as The Science of Enlightenment by Shinzen Young and Zen Mind Beginners Mind Audio Book.

    I used Insight Timer as a timer and only do pure silence
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    Very insightful! Thank you, brother
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  4. I recommend you also the Calm app. It's pretty useful for beginners. You can sync with Gfit, so if you wear a smartwatch it'd be helpful for tracking your routines..
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    Thats one of the best free meditation apps out there!
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