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How far down the P*rn rabbit hole did you fall?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by takezawa2, Oct 9, 2021.

  1. takezawa2

    takezawa2 Fapstronaut

    How far did you escaltion go when you realized you had a problem? What was it that made you stop and what helped you stop?
  2. Share The Pain

    Share The Pain Fapstronaut

    Porn started me to question my identity, I got into gay and sissy fantasies, I didnt get pleasure but felt suicidal everytime I masturbated. My mental health is in serious condition now. Everyone quit porn and get your life together!
  3. Share The Pain

    Share The Pain Fapstronaut

    Also Im suffering with several mental health issues now, maybe even schizophrenia. All pretty much caused by porn addiction and bad lifestyle.
  4. Randombro

    Randombro Fapstronaut

  5. findforward

    findforward Fapstronaut

    Far enough in that I could do with getting back out again.
  6. To the point I thought Incest was normal.
    It's messed up but I am glad I never got into any gay or child porn.
  7. Yep i also watched some twins shit too time ago.
    but for me hypno audi porn is the biggest plague
  8. Lost Hope

    Lost Hope Fapstronaut

    When i i was unable to get it up with and without P,
    I never watched G, CP, ssy, or other BS... accidentally stumbled on them, but they never got my interest! Thank God For That!
  9. I'm still trying to rid myself of my foot fetish, but I've had that since I was a young boy.
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  10. jw2021

    jw2021 Fapstronaut

    A whole lot farther than I thought I would go! I've watched for hours on end, relapsed about every three days, had suicidal thoughts, saw sales at my business drop over 70%, just to name a few. Lots of anxiety and depression too. I decided to quit for good 10 days ago. I already feel better but I know I have a long ways to go.

    I actually gave up on my dreams too. I am now back working on those things. Basically, it was consuming me.
  11. LSTHX

    LSTHX Fapstronaut

    I went pretty far without even realizing my problem, though I didn't break any laws.

    Pretty much up until I was inspired by a traumatic experience (house raid by Police) involving a person I was sharing a house with. That experience helped me, through shock and finding NoFap, in deciding to change..

    The truth is I should have realized and stopped my addiction earlier, but this event really put my recovery into gear. I was pretty much at rock bottom but thanks to that asshole I managed to get better.

    I honestly believe that good things can come from the worst of places and that this is an example of that.
  12. Dizzy Lotus

    Dizzy Lotus Fapstronaut

    Well, if you count 'normal' lesbian porn as softcore, I didn't watch non-softcore porn until recently... (I would guess 2018) I think I could count the amount of porn videos that I've watched with a man as an actor on one hand. So not very far, I guess. There are thousands of videos in softcore categories, anyway, so I wouldn't have ever run out. [​IMG] The reason that I did watch a few videos with men is that I was curious if I could watch them.
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  13. TimeToQuitNow

    TimeToQuitNow Fapstronaut

    I have a femdom fetish. I started behaving that way with females I interact with to some degree. Like I have a female friend who I buy things for every time she asks. I get no loving in return. It's like I subtly submit to hot girls I think. And it makes me horny
  14. takezawa2

    takezawa2 Fapstronaut

    What triggered a house raid?
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  15. Gay and sissy porn made me question my gender and sexuality. I am a successful married man and a father. I cannot let my addiction destroy the life I built for me and my family. Many men have fallen victim to this nonsense. I will not allow myself to become another victim.
  16. LSTHX

    LSTHX Fapstronaut

    The raid was for Child Sexual Abuse Material (What a lot of people here call CP) but they also found illegal drugs, both of which I had no idea about.
  17. I_Am_Strong_54

    I_Am_Strong_54 Fapstronaut

    I went pretty far down the rabbit hole. The following all took place over a 30 year porn addiction and many attempts to quit. Started watching porn with mostly lesbian porn and stuck with that for a long time. One day while googling porn stuff, accidentally opened up some transwoman porn, at first i was disgusted by it but there i was the next day looking for it. For the longest time, i mostly watched transwoman and lesbian porn. Then i ventured into the cam girls and found a few there that I spent way too much money on and did some weird things with. Eventually worked my way into sex chat rooms and having sex chat with guys, and that led to watching gay porn. The one time i actually called one of the guys I met in the chat room and had phone sex with him. I knew this was now rock bottom for me. I have no problem with gay people, I have a family member who is gay, but I am not attracted to guys in anyway. This was all about finding that new fix.

    The biggest thing that helped me to quit was i started keeping a journal of how i felt before and after watching porn. The journal was the missing key that I never used before, because it helped me to identify the root cause for my porn addiction. Once i had that, which by the way was boredom, I felt better equipped to quit porn. My latest attempt to quit porn began on August 1st and i watched porn only 5 days that month, then in September I was down to 1 day, which was on September 2nd and that was the last time I watched porn. I'm now up to 38 days without porn and find myself not even thinking about it anymore. Another big piece for my quitting is that in my journal, I keep track of things I feel like I need to do to live my best life and the one column reads, "Did I avoid porn today?" And putting a "Yes" in the column at the end of the day has become really important to me and I don't want to feel that disappointment of putting a "No" in the column ever again.
  18. bjorkstadski222

    bjorkstadski222 Fapstronaut

    I remember as a teenager, I would be turned on by the usual hot playboy blonde bombshell. As time went by the usual “hot girl” just didn’t do it for me… weird how the addiction does that.
  19. bjorkstadski222

    bjorkstadski222 Fapstronaut

    I remember as a teenager, I would be turned on by the usual hot playboy blonde bombshell. As time went by the usual “hot girl” just didn’t do it for me.
    weird how the addiction tares you down.
  20. WeirdAsshole

    WeirdAsshole Fapstronaut

    I realized that I was a fucking depraved when I saw a cousin with desire, I am disgusting, I have thought horrible scenarios that are not even pleasant for me. How the fuck do I get back?

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