How far down the P*rn rabbit hole did you fall?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by takezawa2, Oct 9, 2021.

  1. WeirdAsshole

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    I realized that I was a fucking depraved when I saw a cousin with desire, I am disgusting, I have thought horrible scenarios that are not even pleasant for me. How the fuck do I get back?
  2. Peiskos

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    I fell pretty far, to the point I was seeking out such horrific and shocking videos because everything else wasn’t enough anymore.

    I also fell so far that I acted out my fantasies in real life with various escorts and wasted thousands of dollars over the course of years. I’m no longer at that low point, I knew I had to make a change or I would literally destroy my life.
  3. CzanCzanCzan

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    I was stuck with TS porn for a long time. I've watched it ever day. Escort sites, P, camsex. I was obsessed. I would go back from work and just had to peek at it. Few hours without P. was to much for me. After some time I started to watch bi/gay porn at some point. I had problems with my social life and was deppressed, I was also diagnosed with some serious condition. That time was really hard for me. I was really miserable.

    Well I'm now on almost 50th day of no PMO and I finally feel free. 2 months ago hanging with people was horrible experience for me, today I can't wait to get around them. And it feels so easy and natural. NoFap does REALLY amazing things. Sometimes I think that I misunderstood all my life when I was on PMO. I hope You guys make it.
  4. Robinthehood

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    People focus on all parts of a body, some more than others. Perfectly normal in my opinion. Why do you want to get rid of it?
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  5. Dioplleo_547

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    I just think it's going to hurt my sex life. No woman wants a guy that wants to worship her feet all the time from my understanding even women who indulge for money in this admit it repulses them.
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  6. Robinthehood

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    Women who indulge in it for money are the most likely to admit it repulses them since they do it not for their loving partner but for strangers who pay them.
    A woman in a relationship who enjoys her partners attention and affection and also wants him to feel fulfilled will most likely be fine with it, in my experience.
    Don't write off things that can be enjoyable to you. Plenty of women would be very happy to have their feet worshipped!
  7. Future Bloomer

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    This is true. My reality call came when I met a woman that also had a foot fetish. She straight out told me that all of her "domme" friends didn't actually enjoy dominating men and they were all just doing it for the money. Women are simply not attracted to submissive men. It messes up with the sexual polarity.

    I believe you are correct that the foot fetish can be a part of a healthy dynamic between the couple. This seems like a better alternative than trying to rid of a fetish that you were born with, which is probably impossible. But Dioplleo did make a good point in regards to guys that want to worship their girlfriend's feet all the time. There are loads of sad stories on the internet where women are telling their negative experiences with dating guys with foot fetishes. The guys usually let the fetish become the center of their sexuality and this obsessive behavior scares women away. Considering a lot of us can't even watch vanilla anymore, in order to avoid such situations I think it may be a good idea to complete the reboot before getting any foot action.
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  8. Galaxy7777

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    I went deep into it, it was getting worse and worse, couldnt go a day without thinking in a porn scene, however it all changed for me wen i discovered hd webcaming, as it was a whole new experience for me, porn is completaly one sided but webcaming isnt totally one sided since one in some way is interacting, since a girl replies to comments or even watches my cam too , exchanging our live feeds and getting off together, and for m it has happened without even tiping one cent, i just chat nicelly with them amd they like it, so in reality it interestingly inst always about money,(but of cousre if you tip she is more than happy :))) it helped me see things on another perspective, but i am however quiting webcaming as well as i feel im ready for a life without any of that luxurious life style and gett ready to get a real girl
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  9. ***********Trigger warning ***********pls avoid if you have doubt

    First i started with thinking and fapping. Then from 2014 onwards my frequency of watching pirn increased. On 2018 i get a trauma in life and that triggered an interracial and cuckold fanatasy in me. Then normal porn won't give me that hit, only bbc and cuck give me that hit. Recently i start thinking that p** actress in video is my real wife and i am enjoying her moments. After sometime it also stopped giving me that kick, so i satrted watching teen videos and thinking that girl is my daughter..........

    Yes i know, i am deeply destroyed. My brain is like a shit. Once i go to a level cross and decided to end this life. Our country has a fast train and nothing can escape from it. But when it came i am terrified and i come back i am completly destroyed by pmo
  10. MountainCross90

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    Thank you, this really helps me!
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  11. CzanCzanCzan

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    Hi there. It seems that life really got hard on You, I'm really sorry to hear that.
    First of all I'd like to say that You'll find a lot of understanding and sympathy in this community. Second You'll also find a solution to your problems so don't worry. Lot's of us here had been in similiar spot (fetishes, suicidal thoughts, depression) like You and managed to get theirs lifes back. Those thoughts You have are just fueled by P., it's not really You that's why You feel so bad. It's a good thing because inside you're still a good person.
    So get on your NoFap journey and You'll find selfrespect, wisdom, freedom and happiness at the end to it.
  12. KM14££

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    Hi guys I'm 14 from the uk, I'm straight and I struggle with masturbating to shemale porn, I want to quit as I feel so shit everyday I usually masturbate once every 3 days and my longest has been a week probably, this problem started in the covid lockdown when I was around 13 but became alot worse in July 2021 through to now , I used to love women and all ur usual things straight men get turned on by, on the 3rd day of not masturbating I feel good I just try to distract myself but I just get tempted, I know im not gay as I feel emotions towards women like I can still get turned on by them just not as quick as I used to, after watching shemale porn I feel disgusted and my dad is muslim and I think about how he'd feel and I won't to just stop everything and let all my anger out and can watching to much shemale porn make u only emotionally connected to shemales just need some help and support
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  13. I got into beastiality, incest, and sissy porn was the thing that really made me an addict.
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  14. dhw87

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    Pretty deep I think, been porn addict for 20 years, I even enjoyed fetish porn like cosplay, femdom the most, Asian , West been surfing many genre, masturbates at least once a week for that long period, I'm worried about my relationship which is why I'm struggling to stop
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  15. Robinthehood

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    Yes 24 7 would be too much. Any partner wants to feel the 'whole' of them is what their partner is attracted to. Not only a limb or whatever, I think.
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  16. Robinthehood

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  17. happygilmorescaddy

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    tranny porn and then acting out with tranny escorts , im 350 days down . zero urge for them now , it gets more and more disgraceful as time goes on to think i actually did that. as usual started off vanilla as it gets , 20 years on it got to that. in a positive im just glad CP never crossed my mind or computer
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  18. IGY

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    Yep, that was still my go-to for the first few years on this site whenever I relapsed. Nothing else made me cum so hard. :oops:
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  19. It seems the more taboo it is the more dopamine it gives.
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  20. IGY

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    Yeah, for sure. When you are lost in the addiction you just want it to be naughty, dirty, wrong etc to get a bigger orgasm.
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