how i beat depression, lazyness, and no motivation.

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  1. You read that right, i beat depression, lazyness, and no motivation, infact i cant remember the last time i was depressed, the last time i was sad, the last time i felt pathetic about myself and my life, i promise you that if you do these things, you will beat these things to, and fast.
    The first and most important thing is abstaining from pmo, when you abstain your depression is halved, your motivation and drive are doubled, porn and masturbation have put your brain in a fog, your true self lost, when you abstain that fog is slowly lifted, and eventually it will all be gone. The second thing i did and this completely fixed me was healthy eating, i cut out all processed and junk food, no sugar, no nothing, i eat healthy, organic food, and believe me when i say i have never felt better in my life, every day i live in euphoria, i am always happy, its like i have a dopamine high all day, the reason is because when your body and mind are healthy you just feel good, you feel so good that you dont even think about depression, you feel so good that you are almost not even capable of being sad or depressed, you guys can keep eating junk if you want but damn are you missing out, i will NEVER go back to eating that toxic shit, i get mad just thinking about how i could ever treat my body so poorly, my organs and body parts work so hard to keep me alive, they are always doing there job to keep me going, and you are going to take a shit on them with junk food?, say a big fuck you to your body, say i care so little about how hard you work for me that i will keep torturing you with this toxic bullshit known as junk food, yah fuck that i love my body and i will never treat it that poorly again, you can never truly be balanced and at peace with yourself until you treat yourself good, you are what you eat. Now there are some other things i incorporated such as cold showers, meditation, exercise, hobbies, and these are all just as important as no pmo and healthy eating, they all play a part in growing the fire inside you, every thing you do to better yourself, you grow that flame you ignite your life and your soul, you take one step closer to becoming the true version of yourself, every time you do something bad you poor water on that fire, so stop fucking around and do what you know you need to do!. I started all this about a month ago, that shows you how fast and easy it is to become healthy, stop making excuses and do what you need to do, honestly if this does not make you rethink your life and how you treat your body than i dont know what will, keep being selfish if you want, but me and my body are a team, i treat it right and it treats me right.
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    If you NoFap your life energy is retained. But to continue to increase your life energy you must also do other things such as eating right and living right. NoFap is just one piece of the treasure. You must use your new found retained energy to become in harmony with what we all know we have to do. Use that drive and energy, that's why it is there.
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    Energy and NoFap go hand in hand. You cultivate one, the other increases naturally. If you want to really see results, push both of them. :)
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    U r very right my friend . I started doing all that 3 months ago . I still get depressed sometimes , but not like before . Thing became easier . I started working out and gaining muscle like never before , just because of eating healthy .

    Depression takes us down . If we gained control of that bullshit we’ll be much more productive
  5. and honestly gaining control is not that hard, you dont need to go on some spiritual journey and meditate with the cave monks, you just need to take care of yourself, if you know something is negatively impacting your health get rid of it, its so simple but a lot of people on here are not ready to give up pleasurable things like junk food, or other things hurting them.
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    After 3 months of going to the gym , today I’m like , how was I not going!

    After 3 weeks of quitting smoking am saying , how was I smoking !

    It takes a month to build a habit .

    If we shifted our habits into healthy behaviours we succeed fast
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  7. exactly right, it took me a month before i became hooked on health food and quit junk food, the thing is you never really know what you are missing until you do something and give it a try.
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    Yeah , I never thought that healthy food will have such difference on my life. My brain is healthy . And ur body builds up more strength
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  9. yah i have been having a lot more gains in the gym lately, healthy bodies are able to build better.
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    Thanks for the link really inspiring
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  11. So refreshing hearing some thinking from people further down the road. I’m on day 2 and when I woke up this morning my brain was like “Hey dude, glad you are up. Time to play video games, have a wank and eat a packet of peanut M&M’s.” But now I’m like “Fuck you, Brain. I’m making a coffee and going to the gym.” Thanks!
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  12. its always tough doing the right thing, i went the the gym earlier today and renewed my membership, than i worked out and came home, but i have been playing video games for like 10 hours, even tho i did something earlier i still feel like i have wasted my whole day, video games are great but just like anything it should be done in moderation, there is atleast 100 things i could have done different today to improve myself but i did not, but now i have plans for tomorrow!, really the key to a successful day is all in the morning, what you do when you wake up will determine your whole day, if you play video games you will likely do that all day, but if you go to the gym, go for a run, take a cold shower, your whole day will be a productive one.
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  13. Dude so good that you have nailed down plans for tomorrow. Mornings are critical. Inspired by how you are not letting the 10 hour VG binge get you down, but are making plans for the future.

    As you said in your first post, I need to keep doing things that "grow the fire inside of me". Good mantra to keep in mind
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  14. its a very good mantra, anytime something threatens to put your fire out, get away from it!. If it is not building you up is it tearing you down.
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  15. Eating better makes a big difference. I also fast once a week and that helps with mental clarity.
    This whole 8 glasses of water a day to me is bullshit. If you live in Dubai sure maybe. But otherwise I start my day with one pint of water before I shower. You'll feel much more awake and refreshed than with a coffee. Try it
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  16. i always start my morning off with green tea, its healthy and tasty, also boosts meditation, and yah 8 glasses of water is bullshit, i drink like 3 a day and i am always hydrated.
  17. I
    I will! Thanks
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    You said no sugar. But I eat a lot of fruits is that ok?
  19. sure that is fine, its natural sugars so go ahead!.

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