How i became an attractive and charming person

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by SayYesToRecovery, Apr 14, 2019.

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    41 days into NoFap, And i can already see how it changed my life, I just became an important thing between the girls, A hot, charming and dream guy, I’ve became something else in the eyes of the girls around.

    Literally before 2 - 3 weeks, I was an ugly, desperate, not-loved guy by girls and seen as a normal guy you would see anywhere, I uploaded a picture and was ignored by girls, I was unhappy and feeling bad about myself, Hell it just put me into insecurity, But i told myself i will change soon and i will probably be attracting the girls soon.
    Before yesterday, I got a clean shave (My beard isn’t really that of a thing but it really changes how i look) and my hair was nice, I went out with friends and took some pictures, Literally when i was walking around i saw people looking at me and talking about me, In the day before no girl was talking to me, But then at night when i went back home, I uploaded the pictures, And guess what’s coming, Oh god how things changed.
    My DMs suddenly blew up, The comments are full of girls that are surprised with the change, I started getting followed by new girls, My friends that are girls too would tell their friends about me, Hell a friend of mine went and told a girl want to be friends with this guy and she was like holy shit who’s this hottie, Literally also this friend of mine uploaded my picture on her story on Instagram and her friends and girls started asking about my account, I just felt i really changed, Really felt i started to become an attractive and charming person, All the girls told me you really became hotter, I never expected to be here, This is how NoFap changed my life, At just the age of 15 and started giving me what i want.

    An advice to you all guys out there, If you want to attract the girls and the ladies, Stop fucking your hand, Literally i would look at a girl and be embarrassed because i remember how everyday i would return and fuck my hand at home, Now everything changed, The tables turned, This is all because i stopped fucking my hand, You can do it too, It’s not too late, It will never be, Once you stop for a while, Watch how the girls your desperate for and ignoring you will see you hotter than a model on instagram, You will be something else to them, Instead of fucking your hand, You’ll be able to fulfill your sexual desire with a girl instead, Go out, Stop it, And see how the you will be the next big thing in your city when you become attractive because you stopped fucking and cumming on your hand.
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    Good stuff man!

    I remember when I did PMO daily that I couldn't look a girl in the eye without feeling guilty or anxious. Now I'm no ladies man, but I can hold eye contact easily and express myself with almost no anxiety. :)

    I don't look any different, just trying to stay clean as much as possible and perhaps have a better posture because of less time online and on video games.
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    Becoming charming isn't that hard.

    It's about making people feel special and good about themselves without appearing slimy and underhanded.

    Becoming attractive is a matter of genetics, lucks, grooming etc...
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    You're almost there!

    [×] Started NoFap
    [×] New look, New me
    [×] Become more confident, outgoing
    [×] Positive female responses
    [ ] Talk with women irl
    [ ] Get phone #'s and go on dates
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    Not really, It was just abstaining from PMO, But soon i’ll start changing my life
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    You are right, before NoFap I was an awkward virgin who didn't have any reason to leave home. Now after 150 days I can proudly say I am an awkward virgin who doesn't have any reason to leave home but on NoFap.
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