How I cured my erectile dysfunction.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by BarronABS, Jan 4, 2017.

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    anyone can use medical drug meant for ED, but taking drugs has a side effect on our body. As you know Erectile Dysfunction can be treated without using "drug" or product, but a pump is a good tool design for men with ED problem.
    The quality of erection depends on the quality of blood flow. Anything that can increase blood flow will help with erections.
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    Erectile dysfunction means inability to achieve or maintain a strong erection of the male reproductive organ sufficient to engage in sexual intercourse. This problem makes it impossible to have sexual intercourse. If the problem keeps on occurring frequently, it should be called erectile dysfunction.
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    I can recommend othet books also
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  4. yes please
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    This is so genius. I maatrubated for more than 13 years 2-3 times a day despite my age. Last i was having sex with a beautiful girl and i did t even feel anything and was rather staring somewere else than her body
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    I just wanted to tell that you, sir, are a great man.
    Not just because you had the will power to overcome what you knew was bad for you, but you did it for your daughter and your wife too.
    You should be very proud of yourself.
  7. Hey, how long did it take for your ed to e cured and come back? You gave three different answers to the same guy haha idk why that was
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    Brett Gyllenskog claims that he cured his erectile dysfunction with a penis pump. Do they really work?
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    So, you used a penis pump to cure your ed. Any brand that you would recommend. Also, how did the wife respond to the pump before making love. Does it take a lot of time to pump it up? Thanks
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    Anxiety, Depression and Guilt are three post masturbation effect which almost every hardcore addict agrees too. And people who finally stop the habit talks about Energy, Positivity and Clarity.
    Results are clear and worth achieving.
    Keep posting bro and All the Best
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    This was really inspiring for me. I am really happy to see that you got your life back. I am sure your daughter and wife would be proud of you if they knew such a fighter you are.
    Thanks man. Good luck!
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    Awesome post, brother!
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    I increased intake of L-arginine. It is a safe product and well tolerated among patients but it is not very effective. There are many dietary supplements on the market that contain both of these ingredients. So the next question will be, when it comes to their effectiveness can they cure ED?

    L-arginine is amino acid found mostly in meat and it very important to our body because it helps blood vessels to relax. That is due to transformation L-arginine to Nitric oxide (NO) which is a natural relaxant. This affects all blood vessels including pelvic blood vessels which is essential for normal blood flow to penis and erection. On the other hand, yohimbine is the antagonist of alpha receptors which leads to relaxation. These two effects should sum up and get the wanted results. It worked great for me.
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    Pornography is bad.

    Pornography with Masturbation is worse.

    Worse than that is uncontrolled Porn, Masturbation and orgasm.

    We are bound to be fallible to these things but is not how nature intended this for us. We need to find the mental strength to go through one day after the next,before you know it, you live a completely new life.

    I have managed to have sexual intercourse on a few occassions since I started my reboot. I look at it as a new lease on life. I no longer have urges to go on excessive Porn and Masturbation binges after sex.

    My sex drive is still low but coming back, I will give it time, I will exercise more.

    The idea is to keep going
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    Your story is great man. I'm also 27 and I can identify with a lot you have said. Knowing what triggers is the most important thing. If you don't know your triggers, it's like going to war without your sword and shield. I can't wait to look back one day and be fully cured if this sick disease.
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    i m 27 y/o. suffering from ED or PIED. i was fapping excessively for 12+ yrs. i had GFs in past. i couldnt do it with them without the help of pills. now i m single. its been 63 days of hardmode but theres nothing but flatline. its like my D is dead.
    I m an Indian so m pretty sure i will get married soon(arrange marriage. its norm in India nd i know its sad). so i really need help. i dont wanna ruin any girl's life but more importantly i want to cure my ED or i'll ....
    i went to some Drs nd they said it just psychological. i m working out regularly, soon i will have six packs abs. i hv nt watch porn a little bit, not edging. sometime some rare sexul thoughts come in my mind but i do not entertain them long.
    Really need help.
  17. Male38

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    keep going no pmo. exercise, eat healty, multivitamins, zink etc
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