How I cured my PE and PIED issues...

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    Before I go into the factors that I believe may have helped cure my PE and PIED, I am going to give a background as to why and how I think I developed it in the first place.

    From around the age of 8 I began masturbating, but in the form of tugging my foreskin. (Before I could ejaculate) As I got older towards early teens as I began to ejaculate and masturbate “normally” I would masturbate for a few seconds to a minute until a felt the sudden “good” feeling of orgasm. At the time (from ages 8-14) I had no idea that I had an issue, or that lasting a few seconds was a problem. I was introduced to porn at around the age of 12. It was until my first sexual encounter around the age of 14-15 that I realised my situation was more complex, as I realised I had PE when masturbating, but then couldn’t stay erect and aroused when with a real girl. From ages 14-19 I tried various methods to try solve this issue including PE pills, pelvic floor exercises, edging. During these 5 or 6 years, nothing seemed to work or have lasting results. At age 19 just before I met my first girlfriend, I decided to totally stop watching porn for a few months. It was then for the first time I saw a glimmer of success. With her, for the first time I could stay erect and also last a satisfactory amount of time during inter course. From then to the present day (I am now 23yrs old) I can say that erection and arousal hasn’t been an issue, however for 2-3 years after that point PE was still a mild issue. During these years I experimented with edging. What had been the most effective thing for me was to stimulate (with porn images, as videos pushed me over the edge too quickly) until I felt the first hint of arousal and then I would stop. I did this once or twice a day for these 2-3 years and I noticed intercourse had drastically improved. I could last significantly longer and feel more intense arousal and orgasm.

    After these years, I came to the conclusion that my issue stemmed from a combination of how I masturbated from an early age, and then the watching of porn. I trained my body to respond quickly only to on-screen visuals.

    As of the present day, due to the initial reduction of porn, regular edging (to "level 3" arousal) and potentially a few other factors I will highlight below, I have defeated PE.

    Actions I believe may have helped cure my PE:

    1. Totally cutting out porn for AT LEAST a month.
    2. Edging with or without porn (the key is to stop when you feel something, but not near/to the point of no return) - especially if your case is severe
    3. Pelvic floor exercises (strengthening the kegels)
    4. Daily meditation 15mins (mindfulness)
    5. Regular exercise
    6. Cold showers
    7. Wim Hof breathing method
    It is key to note that the above points are all POSSIBLE factors that helped me. I don’t know for certain, but I believe they play a part in some way. Also, it’s worth noting that during these years of experimentation with this, I was still intermittently masturbating and ejaculating with porn, even though I went through longer stages of abstinence.

    As said before, I don’t know exactly why or how my situation has improved so significantly, but I can say with confidence that I have gone from not being able to last 10 seconds or staying aroused, to pretty much full control of my arousal and ejaculation. I strongly believe it’s one, or a combination of the above actions.

    I hope this can bring some sort of value and guidance to anyone out there with similar issues!
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    Do you think it's true that you need to fix ED / PIED before attempting to "train" yourself out of PE?

    Would love your opinion!

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