How I cured my sexual disfunctions (ED and PIED and desensitization) and how you can to

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    [QUOTE = "Arthur Murray, post: 580478, miembro: 87095"] Tuve una recaída el fin de semana pasado luego de un período de 3 semanas ... Traté de tener sexo con mi esposa hace unos días tuve una erección @ primero y luego se fue lejos otra vez, no tengo Masterbated en una semana ahora y siento que no tengo nada de acción allá abajo, es una semana en la que recibo una semi erección en las mañanas, pero en realidad no ... es este un tipo de etapa en la que pasas mientras NoFap [/CITAR]
    Hermano, no tubistes recaida, solo fue un desliz
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    do the sleep test, where you can check if you get a boner while you are asleep, it will validate if you have a physical issue or a PIED issue. good luck buddy
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  3. Now im in sierra nevada mountains, im after week of hard core fewer, weak as fuck. Spitting green slime from my mouth and nose all the time. She is gone, run away yesterday, left just a note on whatsapp shes not comming back. So im alone in mountains, ill, waiting more days for a airplane, hoping all goes well because if does not, theres nobody to help me.. thats life.. thats what u might find outsidr the comfort zone as well
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  5. It wasnt :) it was scarry.
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    Hope you are ok bro!
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    Finally some truly inspiring words! As a non religious person, I get always to discuss with who is like “God doesn’t want you to touch yourself”, which, to me, is BS. So, thanks man! I noticed that after already a week without PMO my sexdrive towards my partner is getting higher, I get an erection, sometimes I can even orgasm (the orgasm is completely different than during PMO and I still have to understand that it’s a better orgasm), but then I relapsed. What I am trying to do right now is to break the compulsory PMOing, meaning I don’t see it as something that’s has to be done, but something I choose to do, I decide. And I go regularly into psychology therapy. PMO really is ruining my relationship bringing to zero the need to be with my partner. It’s time to get my brain and body back and share it with whom I love.
    Thanks for sharing your healing!
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    Hey dude.

    To get cured of pied, its about not masterbating to porn ...and after a while being intimate with your wife (kuz im married)..

    No other remedy strategy?

    Tnx bro

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    Ive been doing some reading...

    The strategy is to stop masterbating to porn...

    Ans after some time try to be intimate with your partner?


    Ive been having no erection what so vever for some time now. Could it be compounded by my feeling of guilt after going to masterbation...and to kinky massage parlors....

    Need help. Ty bro.

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    If you're not getting erections, you likely have PIED. Your brain has become accustomed to PMO, and thinks it, as well as any other actions and behaviors associated with PMO, is the greatest form of pleasure in your life.
    To get rid of this, you need to reboot your brain to forget PMO, and then reintegrate healthy sexual practices into your life.
    This process is laid out very well by Your Brain on Porn

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