How I manage my horniness

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Zombix, Jun 8, 2019.

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    When I'm horny I feel as my crotch has morphed into a black hole and is sucking in any physical contact it can get.

    Although I have found some ways to make it a little more manageable for example;

    I will literally pour ice water over my crotch in the shower, im not man enough to take cold showers but that is a little easier and deadens your noodle for a bit before bed. Trust me, it's pretty hard to masturbate with an ice cube of a penis...

    DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR TESTOSTERONE. Let me tell you if you sit at home all day playing games (I'm an avid gamer so this is easy for me to do) you nor I could do the nofap challenge. We NEED a physical outlet.

    Also seeing the benefits always helps me, recently I have felt insanely confident and attractive, and have noticed others noticing me!!

    Really avoid times of the day when you know you'll be most vulnerable, for me it's usually in the afternoon if no one is around, so I'll go run errands or hang out with friends (it's hard to PMO when doing either of these things).

    Well thanks for listening to my rant, hope it helps :)

    PS I'm getting close to my 30 day goal, if I can do it you can too ;)
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