How I met a lovely girl without trying and how you can too!

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  1. Captain Rex reporting. Hello fapstronauts. I know a lot of you are struggling with finding a partner and yes, I know, it can be really hard, so I made this post to not only inspire you but to give you actual good tips to find a lovely partner.

    So if your wanting to seek a partner, I suggest you read on because trust me, I've been there before so this is just from my personal experience. Also, I've never really been in a relationship before so this is likely going to be my first one so let's begin!

    So, it was some time after school began that I met this girl. She's cute, wears glasses like me, has dirty blond hair, and most importantly: she's a geek and she likes to draw dragons as well which is a bonus (I suck at drawing just to let you know).

    And that was during a fire/bomb drill when I met her and boy was I surprised. I didn't even expect a cute girl to actually talk to me out of interest. It caught me off guard because I wasn't even trying to find a partner. I was instead focused on improving myself and adjusting to my now homestate of Florida.

    Anyways, when we met, we were talking about things like hobbies and such. The hobbies that I like to do are working out, meditation, reading, video games, and most importantly: frog hunting. Sarah (let's just call her that), on the other hand, likes to draw (dragons of course), reading, and probably video games too.

    And after that, we started talking to each other frequently at school. The only times when I get to talk to her are during/after first period, lunch (only during excel), and while waiting for the bus stop.

    Hell, I even recently found that she has ADHD which is rather surprising and to be honest, I think I like her more now that I think about it. I actually have Autism and ADD and I think she fits me even better.

    This goes to show that women aren't perfect... at all. It shows that women aren't machines that you put kindness coins into until sex falls out. No, women are people too. They're not goddesses who only the best can get. No bro, anyone can get a girlfriend, including you.

    You just have to have the right mindset. You just have to not rely on women for happiness and instead find happiness yourself. You have to NOT be desperate and needy. You have to NOT be lustful for women/sex at all. There's more to life than sex and you know it. DON'T let this society trick you into thinking that.

    And yes, I am a pubescent teen and despite being pumped with hormones, I learned to control my sexual desires, and use it to do positive things like the activities I mentioned earlier. Speaking of which you have to do other things for your life as well. Otherwise, life will feel boring and dull and you would come across as boring to other people. So start out with working out and meditation as those will benefit you greatly.

    So yeah, overall I'm happy with how my life is going so far. I'm excited about how this will end up and yes, she does actually talk to me first so the chances of this being a relationship are good. Hopefully this thread is inspirational and helpful to you. Captain Rex, out.
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    Congrats mate!
    So nice. Well written
  4. Oh, and I forgot something, and that is: you have to be yourself, always. This one is pretty obvious but highly important because girls can easily see through that disguise you call a persona. So yeah, that's something I forgot to point out.
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    Nice work, but what is frog hunting?
  6. What I mean by that is going outside at night to look for frogs, toads and other animals. I live in Florida so frogs and toads are pretty common at night. It's really fun and satisfying to say the least.
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    Such a sweet and uplifting original post, thanks. The quote "she likes to draw dragons" brought a smile to my face, very evocative.
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    So what do you do after you catch them?
  9. I release them obviously but most of the time, I just admire them rather than catch them.
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    Today I saw a girl I'd casually known over a year ago, had a brief conversation and afterwards I thought of this post.

    I took a double take, then asked if we knew each other. We just had a good chat and it was relaxed, I didn't try to push an agenda like I used to. Could have tried taking it further, but it didn't feel 'right' and I don't trust how I gauge people on being interested VS being nice yet lol.

    Still, it was refreshing to start up a fun conversation, not be needy for it to go anywhere, and take it on as experience if nothing else!

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