How I succeeded in making it to 30 days and beyond??? (Some tips and suggestions)

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    Friends I have completed my 30 days today although earlier I have also succeeded in making to 180 and 60 days streaks buy this one is special for me and I hope I will finallymake it lifelong streak.

    On completion of 30 days one of my friend here asked me that how I got succeeded in completing 30 days ,so I replied him with various tips and suggestions which worked for me,so I am copying the the reply which I gave to that friend:-

    So how I deal with urges?My belief is that remedy is always better than cure. So I focus on avoiding urges rather than fighting them,you will ask how I avoid urges.I will share that here:-

    • I try to keep myself busy as much as possible ,I avoid being alone at all cost , whenever I get alone I either go outside in open or I go to talk to my family members and friends.
    • If you want to succeed in nofap you have develope some good habits ,some channels in which you can convert excess energy you gain through nofap ,so I will advice you to start building some positive habits like meditation, running,exercise,reading etc.
    • This one is most important and it helped me very much.I have made a rule that I will not use smartphone after 8 pm because I know my triggers and most of the time earlier I relasped only due to using smartphone late night.
    • Avoid sexual content at all cost whether it comes from TV , newspaper, advertisement,cinema or anything.Anything which make you feel aroused understand that is poison for you and avoid that at all cost.
    • I don't know whether you are believer or not but having faith in God help us very much during reboot.Earlier I was also an atheist but now I have started believing In God and it gave me relief during bad time.
    • Age old principle but work now also ,that sleep early and wake up early,avoid sleeping during day and go to bed only when you are feeling too much sleepy.
    • Start your journal on nofap site and encourage other members also, actually you become more accountable to yourself when you encourage others.
    So these were the methods which I described above that helped me to avoid urges and now I will discuss about how I deal with whenever urges hit me.

    • I follow 3 seconds rule,in this rule whenever any lusty thought comes in your mind you have to control that thought within 3 seconds of its origin ,these 3 seconds are most important as after you entertain these thoughts for more than this period they will soon start becoming strong in intensity and after some time they become uncontrollable.
    • If you are believer this method will work for you , Always keep a picture of your favourite god in your purse and whenever any bad thought comes in your mind just take that photo out ,focus on that image and keep praying constantly,pray to God that you want pure life and now you don't want to go back to that dirty life again, surely this will help you
    • Pushup method:- whenever urge hit you just fall to ground and do as much as pushups till you get exhausted
    • Whenever urges hit you immediately wash your face with cold water.
    • Whenever lustful thoughts come just focus on your breath,take deep breaths and try to concentrate on movement of your breath.
    • Whenever urges hit you immediately leave the room and go outside in open where someone can see you it may be a park,a market,your balcony,rooftop,common room of your home where you can find other family members.
    • This method sound strange but it helps some times, whenever bad thought comes go to bathroom and just pee and come out immediately ,it will help you
    • Maintain a diary or journal where you mention what damage pmo has caused in your life and why you want to start nofap,also mention some motivational quotes and posts you find in that journal,Read it again and again whenever urges hit you
    So these were some methods which helped me to avoid the urges and I hope some of them might help you too
    All the best for your journey bhai

    I believe in you,you have that potential and you can defeat this devil for ever.

    We are fighting a battle and we are surely going to win
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  2. Very well done. Congratulations! Keep going strong :)
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  5. Congrts for 30 days...Keep it up the good work:)
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    Thanks bhai
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    Thanks for your motivating words bhai
    Keep fighting
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    Arnold is one of my favourite personality
    Thanks for your inspiring words bro.
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  9. Thank you for the tips SOV.

    I relapsed the other day after 8 days and I want to start again. I Honestly look at porn everyday and I hope this gets out of my head. I want to change for my future. I know its not doing any good and its time to move forward.
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    Keep fighting will recover soon
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    Congratulations Brother!! :)
    That man is very lucky who got a nice friend like you. ;)
  12. Son of shiva

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    I am also very lucky that I got friend like him :)
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  14. Congratulations! And thank you for inspiring and motivating us with your success story!
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    Thanks for your motivating words bro... cheers
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  17. Son of shiva

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    Thanks for reading my story..I hope you are also doing fine
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