How is it done to avoid these thoughts of loneliness?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Mergi, Jan 10, 2019.

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    Good Afternoon,

    I've been without Nofap for 10 days... and I'm about to give up for these negative thoughts that appear in my mind.

    I really feel good without nofap, but now I am being tormented by negative thoughts full of envy and frustration.

    I like to invest in myself, and I have the best friends I can have. But at this moment I feel like I need a female company, I guess these thoughts come up because I'm excited about abstinence.

    And I would not give more importance.

    But I constantly see "bad" guys with all kinds of women and I'm frustrated by that.
    I strive to be a good guy, honest, respectful to everyone, assertive of course.

    And for what? Continue to observe how either you are a bastard or you literally do not exist..m

    Finally you pay for the sinner, many end up being mistreated and you are unjustly accused:

    "all are equal"

    Then someone will ask what is the reason of the MGTOW.

    I do not hate women, I have friends in high esteem, but I'm tired of being the "best friend", I'm tired of seeing that being a good person does not take you sexually to anything.

    I am 18 years old and I hope with age to find really mature women of the mind.

    Because I see that of those of my age I can not expect anything good, and obviously those that really are worth a lot are already taken, obviously ...

    I apologize for all this waste of negativity, but i ha to tell him why I do not want to relapse and I need to release tensions.

    be good and you'll be alone

    -Mark Twain

    What do you do when such thoughts come to you? How do I avoid them?

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    Hey, I'm 18 too. I really don't share the same views as you. I hear a lot about people talking about these "bad" guys, I still don't really understand it. What makes a guy bad in your eyes? How does he act and speak? If a guy truly is not a good person, the woman who is with him isn't really good either is she? You shouldn't be jealous to see these people together, they can have their issues and you can stay away from them. And you have to think about it this way, you might be one of these bad guys too. Based on your attitude, you're envious and maybe even angry to some degree so how can you say you're better than the other guys? Imagine you in their position, you could easily act the same way.
  3. Camilo1020

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    hello Mergi, don't worry about those thoughts they are natural in this process, stopping FAP open the door to your true feelings sometimes they are going to be amazing and positives but in other situations will be like the ones you are expressing. You are not alone in this process I am 31 and sometimes I have the same thoughts as you about being the "nice guy" every woman needs but nobody wants, my advice in this point is starting to dig dipper inside your attitude toward ladies, do you always say yes to any favor their ask? are you shy to express your feeling to someone you like? have you been in the friendzone?. they don't want a bad guy but they want a guy who is able to take risks and decisions. I am sure you can be that guy.

    Keep going with your process it is not going to cure you but it is going to show you the mistakes you are making and if you are wise enough you are going to start to look for a solution.

    My best energy for you today.

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